Friends of Charlotte Dawson Helpless in Preventing the Cause of Her Death

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Weeks after the much publicized death of former "Australia's Next Top Model" judge, Charlotte Dawson, friends and loved ones share their thoughts and kind words but they were helpless in preventing the death of their dear friend. Many of those who have witnessed her struggles have given beautiful tributes to the deceased star and thousands of fans have shared their thoughts on the wrongful death of the late TV presenter.

Although there are controversies that still enveloped the cause of her death, as some of those who were close to her have resulted to pointing fingers on who to blame and who might have caused her to go over the edge. The biggest blame was on the Twitter trolls that bombarded her with insults as she actively fought against cyberbullying.

Charlotte Dawson's funeral was attended by many of her friends in the industry. Taking her own life was viewed as something inevitable by her closest friends. They were shocked but not surprised when news about her death in her Woolloomooloo apartment was publicized. One of her closes friends told the Sunshine Coast Daily that "If you asked any of Charlotte's closest friends about how she'd die, the answer would have been, 'At her own hands.' Recently people have been saying that Charlotte making it through the end of this year was unlikely."

A friend of hers, writer Andrew Hornery, wrote a piece in The Sydney Morning Herald on what he thought might have led to the demise of the 47-year-old star. He believes that the wider media played its part in the untimely death of Charlotte citing that it has responsibility in handling with care the persons who are known to have mental health issues. Charlotte craved for the attention and the media has given it to her but some of them were already troubling and menacing.

Thinking back, many are wondering if there had been something that could have been done to avoid the sad exit of a bright and bubbly woman. Now, people are more aware of the effects of online bullying and are supporting the Charlotte's law to prevent others from experiencing the same fate.

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