Fret not with Presence App: Run Your Home Through Your Smartphone

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You need to get out of the house to do important errands, but you're highly worrisome that some burglar will barge into your home right at the moment you are not there to defend it. Fret not with Presence, an app specifically created to monitor the domestic ongoing activity right in your home.

Launched on April, the app basically uses old iPhones, iPad or iPods, converts them into security cameras that could stream live, real-time images and audio wherever you are, while at the same time essentially giving you information on every activity that happens inside your house through motion detection notifications.

Compared with complex and expensive monitoring systems, Presence is foremost free and can be acquired simply by downloading and configuring the app.

Consumers must of course need to have two devices for the app to work. after installing, they need to create a login to their account on the two devices, afterwards they can already start the camera with the app on one of the devices and then view the image it is getting from the other device.

The app can be customized to record detected motion and to send alerts. It can also help avoid false alarms because it sends an email to the user showing the motion that triggered the alert through a video clip.

"With these high-end security systems, you have a lot of false positives and then the security company and police come out and it turns out it was your cat knocking over a broom or something like that," Gene Wang, chief executive of the Palo Alto, California-based company People Power that created Presence, told Reuters.

According to estimates by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the average household with two teenage children by 2022 will own about 50 Internet-connected devices, up from about 10 today.

"(Apps) are the people end of the Internet of things," Stephen Prentice, vice president and fellow at research advisory firm Gartner, said.

"On one hand you've got all these devices giving out information, and on the other you have people accessing them increasingly through their tablets or mobile phones."

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