Fresh New Twist in Oscar Pistorius Trial

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New twist came in the prosecution of Oscar Pistorius trial as news revealed, a month before he shot his girlfriend, Pistorious cajoled one of his friend to take blame for a shoot, when a gun was fired accidentally under the restaurant table in Johannesburg.

Kevin Lerena, a boxer and a friend of Pistorius, recalled the event in the courtroom trial. Lerena remembered Pastorius telling one of his friend ""Just say it was you. I don't want any tension around me".

The recent testimony bought new challenge in the case of Pistorius. Right from the event, Pistorius insisted the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was not a murder but a mere accident.

According to Lerena, in January 2013, on a plush restaurant at Johannesburg, one of their friends, Darren Fresco, passed a gun under the table to Pistorius and mentioned a bullet in the chamber. The bullet, shot off by chance, leaving a hole just near Lerena's foot.

Being in a state of shock and blood oozing from his toe, Lerena was completely dumbfounded when Oscar Pastrious apologised to Lerena for the accident and said: "Are you OK? Is everybody OK?"

Before the restaurant manager arrived at the table, Pastorius kept insisting his friend, Fresco, to take blame for the gunshot.

Lerena further clarified that they paid the restaurant bill and never talked about the incident. However, after two days of Steenkamp's murder Lerena received more than 100 calls from reporters from all over the world tried contacting him to know more about the incident.

Barry Roux, chief defense lawyer tried to establish too much noise in the restaurant when this event took place, as the manager testified that day the room was full with 200 customers. Furthermore, the wife of the restaurant manager also confirmed that the bullet went off very near to a child sitting nearby their table.

Lerena further added: "He did say, 'Fresco, take the blame because this could be big,"

Oscar Pistorius, was born without fibula bones, had his legs amputated when he was eleven months old. He established his career as a runner winning multiple Paralympic medals, running with his prosthetic foot. He is a respectable man in the sports community and this incident turned up as a shock to his fans who respected Pistorius for his tremendous feat of achievement.

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