Fresh Images of iPad Air 2 Rear Shell Leaked in Light-Golden Hue; Current-Generation iPad Air Gets Discount in Amazon

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With Apple's much-awaited iPad Air 2 release date in fall nearing, there have been quite a lot of leaks pertaining to the internal parts, tablet cases and even the prototypes in the past few months. However, newly leaked images from a Taiwan based accessory maker named Yi Lin Enterprises via Weibo showcase the rear shell of the upcoming iPad Air 2. In addition, the current-generation iPad Air models are available on discounts.

What is New?

Going by the image, the iPad Air 2 features a pale-gold rear panel with several design changes in place. This includes a brand new place holder for speakers with bigger holes and a microphone in the back, next to the iSight camera, according to MacRumors.

It is worth reminding that, the other speculated features of the upcoming iPad Air 2 comprises of a Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the home button and redesigned volume buttons with a modified speaker grille. In addition, the leaks also confirmed that the iPad Air 2 could be thinner than the current iPad Air tablet.

Apart from the iPad Air 2, Apple is expected to release the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Pro. The next-generation iPad devices will reportedly be powered by a much-faster Apple A8 processor. Nevertheless there is a good chance that, the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro may not be released in 2014, says the same publication.

In case readers missed out the information on the upcoming iPhone 6 release date, the device will be released in October and not in September as reported earlier. Specifically, the iPhone 6 release date is slated for Oct. 14 but Apple will host a media event on Sept. 16.

Interested readers should check out the leaked pale-gold rear shell images of the upcoming Apple iPad Air 2 from Phone Arena.

iPad Air Price Cut

With the next-generation iPad Air 2 getting all the prime time, the current iPad Air model is getting a price cut. The original price of the iPad Air is $499 however it is now available for $437 (Silver) and $445 (Gray) in Amazon. Nevertheless, when it comes to storage, only the 16 GB Wi-Fi variant is part of this deal.

A couple of days back, Best Buy gave a killer offer where the iPad Air was $100 cheaper than the actual price of $499. The reduction in price pertained to the 16 GB Wi-Fi variant of the iPad Air. However it was a limited period offer, according to GSMArena.

It is worth noting that, even though the upcoming iPad Air 2 comes with the latest A8 processor, there is no significant design change from the predecessor. Hence this is a good offer for those planning to buy Apple iPad Air.

Interested readers should check out Amazon's limited period offer.

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