#FreeTheNipple: Four Celebrities Who Showed Their Topless Support to the Movement

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#FreeTheNipple is now making a lot of buzz thanks to Hollywood celebrities who are making an effort to topple down inequality against women in America. Thanks to a feature film called "Free The Nipple," more and more Americans are now aware of the discrimination towards women as the movement launch its campaign to decriminalize the "female areola" in all 50 states.

Now banned from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google Plus, the director's ability to finish the independent film is getting slimmer without the help of social media. Following a revolutionary girl in the topless protests, Lina Esco directs the film and also plays a journalist who follows the leads in her journey to raise awareness about censorship and nudity in America.

Due to the film's NC-17 rating, the director is attempting to use crowdfunding to get the film out there but because of the banning of their social media page the feature is still in the dark. New York is one of the few states that made it legal for women to go around topless, but it doesn't stop police from arresting women according to Esco in her interview with Huffington Post.

Here are the four celebrities who joins Lina Esco in #FreeTheNipple Campaign

Miley Cyrus - Taking a step further to support "Free The Nipple" film, Miley Cyrus bared her chest in New York and post it on Twitter. "Merry Christmas, THANK YOU NY for being one of the few states to @freethenipple," she twitted along with photo referring to the indie film. But despite of Cyrus support the campaign still struggles to receive a wide release in American theaters. Not just an excuse to get naked, the "Wrecking Ball" singer pointed out that "it's about equality."

Scout Willis - Now making headlines when walk through the streets of New York in all her topless glory in protest against Instagram's anti-nudity rules. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughter was wearing a colourful skirt as she walked proudly past shops and restaurants, and even pick up some flowers in a supermarket. "Legal in NYC but not on @instagram," she wrote on her Twiiter account with a photo at a Lower East Side grocery in New York, one of the few places in the country that women can walk around naked without risking arrest for indecent exposure.

Rihanna - After posting her topless cover for Lui magazine, Rihanna's Instagram account was suspended and then came back again for what appears to be an error from Instragram. A no stranger to nipple controversy, Rihanna joined the countless women supporting the Twitter battle as they shout out to "Free The Nipple."

Caitlin Stasey - The former "Neighbours" star bares her breast to support the #FreeTheNipple Twitter campaign for less censorship of female nudity in public. The 24-year-old actress wrote: "Be a living example of what you believe @freethenipple" with a black and white bare-chested photo of her.

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