Free Beer For Every Rat Killed: NZ Philanthropist Gareth Morgan Issues Challenge to University Students

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New Zealander Gareth Morgan, a philanthropist from Wellington, has urged the university students to catch and kill rats in exchange for free beer.

Morgan has already campaigned in the past to get rid of cats and save birds. His offer has brought down the price of beer in student bars. Those who wish to get free drinks will have to pay up with a dead rat.

Victoria University's Science University has spread this offer to its students hoping the prize of free drinks will help eradicate rats. The university is willing to provide a "humane" rat trap free of charge to get the job done.

The science society's President Jonathan Musther said there are some people who will be willing to take on the offer to get the drinks or the rewards. But he believes there are many students, especially those studying ecology, who care about New Zealand's native animal and plant species.

Morgan was more than happy to pay for all the drinks it would take for the every student who turns in dead rats. He is passionate about New Zealand wildlife. He believes the university's offer will be difficult for students to refuse. It is their way of trying to get people involved in preserving wildlife.

Rats are urban pests so students can easily catch them by setting up traps in their flats.

In 2013, Morgan's anti-cat campaign was criticized since eliminating cats could have led to the increase of the rat population.  The philanthropist dismissed the notion and said there was no evidence whatsoever.  Morgan explained that 20 percent of rats end up as prey for cats.

Trapping rats is part of Morgan's project to make backyards in Wellington safe for native wildlife. According to a student , giving away freebies can attract people but when they find out what they have to do in order to get them, they might be taken aback or change their minds.

 Morgan will announce the free drink for every rat campaign at the Hunter Lounge on March 13.  A hundred traps will be prepared to hand out to students who are willing to be rat hunters.

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