Freddie Roach Thinks Alex Ariza is a Little 'Shady'; Talks about Manny Pacquiao’s Next Fight

By on had a chance to interview Freddie Roach at the Wild Card Boxing Gym in Los Angeles, California. The Hall of Famer trainer had a few words to say about Alex Ariza and Manny Pacquiao's next fight.

"We had a really big year," Roach told Radio Rahim of Roach revealed that 2012 was a really disappointing year for them. "But losing is part of the sport," he added. "Manny had a close fight with Bradley of course and it may be a little controversial and the Marquez fight was no controversial at all," he said. Roach said that his fighter Manny had a bad moment but what's important is that he was able to make a comeback really well.

Rahim also asked about Roach's thoughts on Brandon Rios' steroid test following his defeat from Pacquiao in Macau. "I know he (Rios) has a strange coach and I don't get along with the guy which is one of the reasons why he don't work for me anymore because I think he's a little shady, you know," he said. Roach was referring to Rios' coach, Alex Ariza, who used to be Pacquiao's conditioning coach. Roach revealed that Ariza has been giving Pacquiao a drink before workout. "I ask him what is in that drink and he would never tell me," he said. "And I say I need to know what is in that drink because you know you're giving it to my fighter and if something goes wrong I'm gonna get the blame," he added. "In my opinion, he's (Ariza) is a little shady so he's with that camp now and it doesn't surprise me that it happened," said Roach.

That's some serious allegations from Roach. Back in November, Roach had a beef with coach Ariza in Macau. The two got into a scuffle after Rios' camp failed to leave the gym on time where Pacquiao was supposed to train next. Some say it was some sort of publicity stunt for the Pacquiao-Rios fight, but Roach and Ariza apparently don't get along very well.

As expected, the issue about Pacquiao's next fight has been brought up. Who else, do you think, is better to ask about Pacquiao's next fight than his coach? "We just have a very small field of people that are available right now, but I don't know who is next at this point," he said. "The biggest talk out there is that they want him to fight Ruslan (Provodnikov), they are both my guys and they don't want to fight each other but they may have to because that might be the only fight out there," he said.

Roach also revealed that a fight against Mayweather is what they want in due course, sooner or later. "There's a couple of other guys out there that I'm thinking about that are free agents. You look at Mayweather's last four fights and so forth and if we can fight one of those guys that knock that person out and be impressive, it puts us even close to Mayweather," he said. Robert Guerrero, whom Mayweather fought in 2012, has been rumoured as a potential opponent but we can probably rule him out because he isn't a free agent.

It is only three months away before Pacquiao returns to the ring in Las Vegas on April 12. It won't be long before the opponent for Pacquiao's next fight is made known.


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