Frank Shamrock on Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz Bout: ‘I Don’t Think Diaz is Gonna Come Out Winning That Fight’

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MMA: UFC 168-Weidman vs Silva Reuters

Retired Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Frank Shamrock has spoken about his thoughts on one of the biggest UFC fights in 2015 between returning fighters Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz. It is easy to determine who his favourite is to win in UFC 183 in January.

During an interview with Submission Radio, Shamrock has predicted who is most likely to triumph between Silva and Diaz. Shamrock said that the fight "needed to happen" and he was very thrilled about it.

Shamrock said that Diaz cannot really execute strong takedowns. He said that Diaz tends to simply "grab and turn angle."

"It's not like rip you down and take you down," said Shamrock.

Shamrock said that Silva is a fighter who has somehow mastered takedown defense and cannot be brought down to the floor that easily. The percentage of total takedowns that Silva has avoided all throughout his career in the UFC is 79%, according to his UFC profile.

According to Shamrock, Diaz will have to score a "strong takedown" because he is up against a guy like Silva. Despite the freak injury that Silva had suffered in December, Shamrock thinks that the Brazilian's confidence is still there. Silva will enter the ring as a confident fighter who is more than ready to win and Shamrock thinks Diaz will struggle to work himself in the bout.

"My concern with that fight is that as it progresses, the length, the confidence of Silva is going to damage Diaz."

"The inability to take him (Silva) down is going to damage him (Diaz) more."

"I don't think Diaz is going to come out winning the fight."

UFC president Dana White officially announced the bout between Silva and Diaz in a televised phone interview with ESPN. To further confirm the super fight, White posted a picture of him with the Brazilian mixed martial artist saying that the deal has been finalised.

Both Silva and Diaz are reportedly "happy" with their respective UFC comeback. Silva has said in an statement that he has never contemplated about retiring from the sport and he can't wait to step on the ring to fight again. Diaz, on the other hand, has told ESPN that he couldn't "complain and ask for anything more" with his three-fight contract extension deal he has signed with UFC.


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