Foursquare Splits Mobile App, Introduces 'Swarm'

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Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowey has announced splitting of its official mobile app into two separate services: Foursquare and Swarm.

These services will be offering separate location discovery and check-in based social features that are until now mounded inside the single app. The new Swarm will be made available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users in the coming weeks.

While sharing your location and finding out where your friends are will retain the name, "Foursquare," Swarm app would be offering finding new places in your area by reading reviews, viewing menus/pictures, then locating them on a map.

The decision to build Swarm is mainly to simplify and streamline the experience of finding friends. Crowey, posted on the Foursquare blog the reason he introduced Swarm.

"We built Swarm because you've told us how often you still have to text your friends: "Where are you?" and "What you up to later?" We wanted to build a quick way for you to know these two things for all of your friends.

"With Swarm, you can easily see which of your friends are out nearby, figure out who is up for grabbing a drink later, and share what you're up to (faster and more easily than you can in Foursquare today)."

Noah Weiss, Foursquare's vice president of product management, said the mobile app was divided into two because one in 20 users were taking advantage of both services.

"Why not actually just split those apart, because 19 out of 20 times, tapping on one icon or the other, you have satisfied your need completely."

With the introduction of the Swarm app for all the major mobile OS platforms, the location-discovery Foursquare would also be getting a makeover in terms of search feature and provide answers to queries like "give me a great date dinner spot" and not only "tell me the nearest gas station." The firm is almost finished with this new discovery-focused Foursquare app version and would roll-out this summer.

"Our company has always been about helping you keep up and meet up with their friends, and discover great places. Our two new, unbundled apps are designed to do that for everyone. Swarm is for people who want the fastest and easiest way to connect with their friends. Foursquare is for explorers who want to know about the best spots, and to share what they've found with others. The two apps have been built to work seamlessly together... and we can't wait until both apps are in your hands."

Foursquare app is available to download from Google Play, App store and Windows Phone store. 

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