Four Winners in $100M Oz Lotto Draw Equals Four Dreams Realized

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Four Australians, two from Victoria and one each from Queensland and New South Wales, capped their respective Tuesday nights in what seemed to be a page plucked from a fairytale book. Each knew their dreams had somehow been realized with a call informing them of their lottery winnings. 

On Tuesday night, Australia carried out its $100 million Oz Lotto draw, a few hours after the culmination of the Melbourne Cup in the afternoon, where the four winners eventually emerged. Suffice to say, each pocketed a total of a whopping $28 million.

 "Are you serious?" a Victorian mother from Meadow Heights was quoted by The Herald Sun as saying to Tatts Group spokeswoman Elissa Lewis when she was informed of the latter of her winnings.

"If I accidentally hang up, call me back please!" the winner, who requested for anonymity, said.

"Oh my god. I can't believe it. We'll be able to set our children up with properties and finally go on the overseas trip I've been hoping for to visit friends of mine."

The pot draw, originally at $100 million, shot to nearly $112 million as ticket sales were pushed by frenetic Australians wanting to get dibs on the huge prize.

Tuesday night's winning numbers were 29, 43, 8, 7, 15, 2, 13, with supplementary numbers of 21 and 20.

"It was a new Australian record we have set tonight,'' Ms Lewis said, who said ticket sales reached more than eight million tickets, with 400,000 selling every hour at peak sales times.

The other winner from NSW, who actually was a family visiting from ACT, said he found it hard at first to believe his luck.

"I've come close to winning a division one prize before, but not quite close enough," he was quoted by The Sydney Morning Herald.

"First of all we'll pay off our mortgage then we'll settle the kids' mortgages. There are some other relatives we'd like to take care of too - they've been good to us."

The two winners, on both accounts, to simmer down their excitement, said, "I'll probably have a beer and champagne to celebrate."

The $112 million jackpot surpassed the 2009 record when a guaranteed jackpot of $90 million surged to over $106 million. It was shared by two winners.

Next week's draw pot money falls back to $2 million.

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