Former Sydney Prostitute Named Misty Claims MP Craig Thomson Paid for Sexual Services 6X Using HSU Credit Card

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The heat is back on embattled Australian MP Craig Thomson who is facing charges on the misuse of Health Services Union (HSU)-issued credit cards. Just when all seems quiet for the former Labour MP, a new female witnessed emerged on Tuesday who could provide proof that the MP indeed misused his credit cards.

The potential witness, a former Sydney prostitute named Misty, claimed that she regularly provided sexual services to the MP and paid for the services at least six times using the HSU credit card. The former hooker, who used the pseudonym Mary Smith, provided her statement to the Melbourne Magistrates Court and it was released on Tuesday.

Signed in 2012, Misty wrote in her statement, "He is lying and I am in no doubt that the Craig I performed a number of sexual services for a period of times in Craig Thomson the politician."

Most of the time, their trysts were in hotels across Sydney. Sometimes, Mr  Thomson orders champagne and pays her for longer sessions so they could talk after having sex, Misty said.

At that time, 2007, Mr Thomson introduced himself as a solicitor from the New South Wales Central Coast. While she was unaware of his link with HSU, he had shown her a credit card receipt for $385 with his family name and the HSU name.

Besides swiping the HSU credit cards for allegedly paying for sexual services, Mr Thomson is also charged with incurring $28,000 in personal expenses, paying for in-house porn films in hotels, plane tickets, cigarettes for his while and withdrawaing cash from the union for his personal use.

Misty is not the only one whom Mr Thomson paid for using HSU funds. He also paid another sex trade worker named Alina $770, according to lead prosecutor Lesley Taylor.

Mr Thomson has entered a not guilty plea to over 140 charges of fraud and theft.

A New Zealand sex trade worker interviewed by an Australian TV station was the first to claim he was a customer, but she eventually withdrew her claim, insisting she was not sure if the MP was the same person she had a sex encounter with.

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