Former NFL Player Tim Tebow, Who is a Devout Christian and Notably a Virgin, Spotted Shirtless In a Beach in Hawaii, Still in a Pursuit for a New NFL Team After Being Let Go by the New England Patriots

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Tim Tebow, who last played for the National Football League (NFL) team New England Patriots, might be a free agent right now, but he seems to not care. Tebow was spotted shirtless in a beach in Hawaii, TMZ reported. He was joined by his sister and other members of his family.

Tebow is a devout Christian. He spent his early life living in the Philippines where he used to preach the Christian Gospel to school children. In the U.S., Tebow also shared his Christian faith in numerous schools. Tebow is also notably a virgin. He addressed the virginity issue when he was asked during an interview in 2009. His answer became subject matter to a great deal of discussions, subsequently.

Tebow started his career with the New England Patriots in June. He signed a two-year contract with no assured money. Roughly, after two and a half months, he was let go by the Patriots for the reason that the NFL teams have to cut down their roster to 53. If the quarterback's football expertise played a role in his departure from Patriots, we don't know, as there were some people who doubted Tebow's football expertise.

"I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback," Tebow said in a statement after he was cut from the Patriots.

It looks like he is being true to his words. As reported by Inquisitr, Tebow has apparently been offered numerous deals outside NFL but said no. Rock and roll legend Gene Simmons of KISS offered Tebow a contract to play in the Arena Football, but Tebow declined. Tebow was also offered to play for the USA Rugby and Canadian Football League (CFL), but he is still not interested. He was even offered $1 million to play for a couple of games in Russia and he also refused the offer.

We are eager to find out where Tim Tebow would spend his football career next. Will Tebow be taken again by the Patriots, or would he go with the Tamba Bay Buccaneers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, or perhaps the Cleveland Browns. What are your thoughts?

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