Former Glee Star Picks Gay Over Lesbian TV Host for Coming Out; Perez Hilton Lauds Charice Pempengco (VIDEOS & PHOTOS)

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Now it can be told. Former Glee star Charice Pempengco initially planned to admit that she is a lesbian in a U.S. TV programme hosted by another famous lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres.

However, she opted to publicly out herself in a Philippine showbiz-oriented programme hosted by an equally popular Filipino gay host, Boy Abunda of The Buzz.

During the emotion-filled 11-minute interview cut into three segments, Charice told Abunda that she could have outed herself internationally and gained more media mileage, but she owes it to her Filipino fans called Chasters for them to be the first to hear her confession.

While the 21-year-old singer of Pyramid gained international recognition first through a YouTube posting and then through an initial guesting in Ellen's show, seen below, she first gained local prominence by being runner-up in a singing competition at ABS-CBN where The Buzz is aired every Sunday.

Then 15 years old and still looking very feminine, Charice's career took a big leap because of her guesting stint in Ellen's show, which was followed up with her appearance in Oprah Winfrey's show where the popular TV host called her "the most talented girl in the world."

With her rich voice, enriched by joining singing contests since she was 7, packed in her then petite frame, it was not unexpected that her career continued to blossom. But things suddenly changed in 2012 when Charice cut her long tresses very short and dyed them blonde.

Her new style was heavily criticised in social media. After a few months, she dyed her hair black but had it cut similar to Psy's hairdo. The change in her hair style and clothing further fueled speculations of her identity crisis which Charice decided to end with her public admission.

While she had been warned of the possible negative impact of outing herself on her international career, Charice insisted that she instead got the support of fans and friends, including Oprah, Ellen and David Foster, her mentor.

Famous blogger Perez Hilton, who is also notorious for outing celebrities suspected of being gay or lesbian, congratulated Charice in his blog for her bold decision.

"You go, gurl. Nothing like being out and proud!"

"It can be damn hard to do, but we're happy to hear former Glee star, Charice, has come out of the closet. And we bet she's feeling seriously relieved to now be living her life her way," blogged Hilton.

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