Former Glee Star Charice Pempengco to Go Public That She is a Lesbian? (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

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Apparently tired of speculations about her gender preference, former Glee star Charice Pempengco is reportedly set to admit in a TV interview likely to air over the weekend that she is indeed a lesbian.

ABS-CBN, the Philippine broadcast network where Charice was initially discovered in a singing competition, aired on Friday an interview with Raquel Pempengco, the mother of the controversial Pyramid singer, hinting that Charice will confirm her real sexual identity.

"What my heart and mind is telling me as a mother is to allow her to reveal her real gender preference. Whatever path she wants to take, because that is where she would find happiness," ABS-CBN quoted Raquel, who spoke in Filipino.

"I will respect what she will reveal to the public because it is through that disclosure that she will find happiness and liberation," she added.

Raquel posted in Twitter earlier that Charice is set to admit her true gender preference in a TV interview, likely through the popular Sunday afternoon showbiz talk show The Buzz.

Speculations have swirled around the young singer's sexual preference in the past few months when she started to drastically change her hairstyle and clothes from a very feminine look like Barbie doll as cover of a women's magazine

and still sported a female appearance in her Pyramid album cover.

However, in 2012, Charice surprised her fans when she showed up as judge in a local TV talent competition show with very short dyed hair that many people said looked like noodle strands.

A few weeks ago, Charice dyed back her hair to black, but had it styled in a very masculine cut that people said she was imitating another fellow YouTube sensation, Korean pop star Psy.

That was the last straw for Raquel and Charice's grandmother, who publicly aired their sentiments that they also did not like Charice's new look.

The rumours about her being a lesbian was further fueled by photos that circulated in social media sites of Charice beside a pretty girl. However, Bum Tenorio Jr, a newspaper columnist and Charice's godfather, clarified that the girl photographed with Charice is Shermaine Marie Lagitao, the girlfriend of Tenorio's nephew, Nicolo Tenorio.

Charice rise to international fame, ironically, was the handiwork of another famous lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres, who saw Charice's YouTube video and guested the young Filipina singer in her show that paved the way for international stardom for the petite singer with powerful vocals.

She eventually guested in Oprah Winfrey's show and even starred in a few episodes of Glee.

However, her reported outing of her true gender preference may not be a gleeful news to some of her followers and relatives.

Charice appears to be following the footsteps of another Filipina child star turned acoustic singer, Aiza Seguerra, who even won in a beauty contest for young girls in a noontime TV show, but later admitted she is a lesbian.

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