Former Glee Star Charice Pempengco Admits in TV Show That She is Lesbian (VIDEOS & PHOTOS)

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Although she had a coming out party on May 10 to celebrate as well her 21st birthday, former Glee star Charice Pempengco never publicly admitted she is a lesbian, only hinting to her fans her gender preference via changing her haircut and clothes to masculine look.

On Sunday, Charice used the L word finally. "Opo, tomboy po ako (Yes, I am lesbian)" the singer of Pyramid told Boy Abunda, the host of ABS-CBN gossip show The Buzz. IBT Australia reported a month ago that Charice would likely publicly come out in The Buzz since Raquel hinted that her daughter is about to admit her gender preference, but the singer took a month before she finally outed herself.


She apologised to those who could not accept her sexual orientation, but in tears said after her The Buzz admission, she can now go out of the house without hiding anything from the public. She said sorry to her fans who could be disappointed with her decision to out publicly and whom she acknowledged could stop being her fans.

Her admission ends all speculations on Charice's gender preference, fueled by her drastic changes in her appearance which her mother, Raquel, and grandmother, Tess Relucio, opposed as well the public which earned the petite YouTube sensation criticisms.

She also admitted the she and Raquel are not on speaking terms and she has left their home in Laguna, belying Raquel's previous statement that all is well between mother and daughter, and confirming the disclosure by one of Charice's baptismal godfather and former neighbour Robert Ybera that all is not well between the two.

However, she said she is not angry at Robert for sharing the mother-daughter rift to the public because she respects him and acknowledges the help he has extended her during the start of her career, including teaching her how to drive a car.

But Charice took the occasion to make amends with her mother and young brother. "Sorry, Mommy, Carl, but this is the real me," she said.

She explained that it took her a month to admit her sexual identity for fear of what the public reaction would be, to think her next step. Charice said she decided to come clean after receiving some signs.

"I need to understand her, because if she hurt me I also have hurt her as a mother," she said of Raquel. However, she said they are trying to patch things up and credited Raquel for making efforts to accept her changes. Charice said she is hopeful that someday she would fully reconcile with her family.

She has left home and is living now in Cabuyao, Laguna, with a family whom she described as willing to take a bullet for her. She named them as Nanay Inah, Daddy George, and Kuya Glen, probably referring to her publicist Glen Aldueza.

She is often seen watching basketball in the town plaza, fueling speculations her career has floundered, which she belied. She hinted she has recording in the U.S. as well as TV shows, plus working on her third album.

"Those are choices I wanted, I knew were very risky, but because I want them. It is not because I am rebelling or I am depressed," Charice explained.

She admitted having relationships with females in the past, but did not directly admit if she has a relationship with Alyssa Quijano, an upcoming singer, whom she described as her inspiration. Charice and Alyssa met when they were much younger as competitors in singing contests.

They renewed their ties when Alyssa joined a singing competition in ABS-CBN where Charice was judge and mentor. Their constant companionship even fueled rumours that the two eloped.

Probed further, she told Abunda that he could open her heart, he would see it beating for her loved one, without naming directly the person.

"This is it. This is a new chapter. Welcome to my crazy life," she told her fans called Chasters.

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