Former Gangsta Wife, Roberta Williams, Not Happy with Channel Nine’s 'Fat Tony & Co'

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Roberta Williams, the former wife of late gangster, Carl Williams, is not happy with how she and her family were portrayed in Channel Nine's "Fat Tony & Co" mini-series, according to a Sydney Morning Herald report.

"My parenting skills are a lot better than they portray them to be on the series," Roberta said, as quoted by Sydney Morning Herald. "I certainly don't sit around taking drugs in public or anywhere else. I don't speak to my children the way they portrayed me to do so ... It was far from what [Carl] was like."

According to Williams, Carl was also incorrectly portrayed and whatever they showed him was not true. The gangster wife said that Carl did not point a gun at her pregnant belly, as was shown in the episode. However, she said that he had shot at her to "scare" her when she had confronted him over an alleged affair.

"... he was having an affair with some girl, I confronted him and he got a bit angry at me and he shot at me," she said, as quoted by Mail Online.

"Fat Tony & Co" airs on Sunday. This show is based on one of Australia's most "notorious criminals," Tony Mokbel, according to Channel Nine. He survived the gangland wars and became one of the richest criminals in Australia, and later became one of the most wanted men.  An "intense manhunt" was launched to nab him, and to dismantle his drug empire. According to the official synopsis of this show, Australian police received a "miraculous tip-off," providing information that Mokbel was living in Athens, Greece under a false name and documents.

Mokbel was captured in 2007, and his extradition request was granted in 2008. The Supreme Court of Victoria sentenced him to 30 years, with a minimum term of 22 years, in 2012.  He has had links to Carl Williams.  Both of them were involved in the Melbourne gangland killings.

 The Australian reports that nearly 1.379 million viewers tuned-in to watch the premiere episode of "Fat Tony & Co."

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