Former Disney Stars, Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus Get Back to Their Roots

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Disney's two biggest stars, Miley Cyrus of "Hannah Montana" and Selena Gomez of "Wizards of Waverly Place", might be getting back to work for the channel.

Despite both the teenagers' busy schedule, Miley and Selena managed to squeeze in some "past" time with their former Disney co-stars. So what gives, will Miley and Selena be getting back to the Disney Channel?

Despite a busy schedule of filming her latest flick, clearing up a $1 million dollar lawsuit, smooching around with Justin Bieber and recording her fourth album, 19-year old singing sensation, Selena Gomez, still managed to chummy up to her former big boss.

Selena was spotted last April 25 at Los Angeles giving a big bear hug to Disney Channel's president, Gary Marsh and because of this, news spread out like wildfire about a Disney comeback for Selena Gomez.

Dressed in casual leggings and a long-sleeved shirt, Selena joined by her mother, Mandy, enjoyed an intimate lunch with Gary Marsh at the Ca' Del Sole Ristorante at Taluka Lake. While no details have been out about what the three had spoken off during their lunch, fans are already proclaiming a big Disney comeback for Selena Gomez. Though it is most unlikely, Selena has got her hands full at the moment with film projects lined up, two albums in the works plus a hefty lawsuit.

Selena had been sued by a group of singers namely Tom Luce, Matt Blackett, Lawrence Riggs and Brian Knoll claiming that the former Disney princess had ripped off one of their songs for Gomez's hit song, "A Year Without Rain". No word from Selena or her reps as of now.

While the details discussed over Selena's lunch with Gary Marsh are still in the dark, another Disney star that might be getting back to the channel is Miley Cyrus. Cyrus simply went back to set and goofed around with her co-star and brother on the show, Jason Earles of "Hannah Montanah".

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez may just be two of the biggest stars Disney has ever made and to have them back on the channel may create fan frenzy, but with busy lives like theirs, even President Gary Marsh might not be able to secure a tight spot for the two in his channel.

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