Former Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan Warns Aussies of PM Tony Abbott’s Wrecking Ball; Hits Gov’t of Partisanship & Vindictiveness

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Former Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan may be out of power for almost a year now since PM Julia Gillard lost in a party coup, but his voice is heard once again in response to the much-hated proposal of the Coalition to impose a deficit tax.

Showing that he is not only aware of developments in Canberra but also Hollywood, Swan used the title of a popular song by the controversial former Disney star Miley Cyrus in warning Australians of what lies ahead under an Abbott-led government.

In a commentary published on Thursday by The Sydney Morning Herald, the former treasurer wrote that even as Coalition head then, Tony Abbott was "especially brutal and effective opposition leader." But a government led by Abbott is one "of excessive partisanship and vicious vindictiveness" by tapping the same primal motivating force of fear.

"Australia elected a demolition expert as Prime Minister, but you don't keep the demolition crew on site once you start building the new house. The wrecking ball he swung as opposition leader is now being swung as Prime Minister," Swan wrote.

As proof, he pointed to the constant trash talk about the Australian economy, creating a fake budget emergency and instilling a general sense of public fear.

Swan belied what Mr Abbott often uses as an excuse to push for his agenda such as impose the deficit tax and repeal the carbon tax, that the Australian economy was in shambles when he took over the reins of government from Labor.

The former treasurer cited that the party under Ms Gillard left an economy larger 15 per cent than in 2007 when it took power, a below 5 per cent unemployment rate, strong investment pipeline, low interest rate, low inflation rate and low public debt.

He described the Abbott economic policy as one where there is no role for government in economic management.

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