Forget Nexus 6 Release Date as Moto X+1 Will Come Sooner: 3 Reasons Moto X2 Makes a Great Nexus Alternative

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No need to wait for the Google Nexus 6 release date as the Moto X+1 is likely to hit the market a little earlier than the rumoured Nexus 5 replacement.

In the past two weeks, the Android world is flooded with the next Moto juicy details and it appears that Motorola has practically confirmed of the device's existence. Prior to that, the company already provided clues on the basic make of its flagship smartphone, which in the earlier also went by the name Moto X2.

Last week, however, Motorola seemed to have finalised how the Moto X sequel will be called and the likelihood is - Moto X+1 will stick.

Reviewing all the Moto X+1 stories so far, it is easy to conclude that Motorola has again one compelling Android toy to tout about. The specs and features are impressive at best and should give enough reasons for loyal Android followers to look beyond the vanilla Android 6.

Below are the three reasons why the Moto X+1 can easily give the Nexus 6 quite a scare:

Near-Android environment in mid-range specs

Specs-wise, experts would not call the Moto X+1 a high-end device in the league of the Galaxy S5, the iPhone 6 or even the Nexus 6. But a boasting of a quad-core processing chip, a 5.2-inch display panel in 1080p resolution and up to 2GB of RAM (these are based on a recent benchmark listing) is nothing to scoff at.

By any measure, the device is highly capable in the hardware department, which according to Motorola is fully optimised by a pure Android rendition (close to it at least). The company promises that save for the addition of usable features, Android in any Moto devices will stay as native as possible.

Personalised Nexus-like experience at reasonable price

Rumours say the Nexus 6, for all the powers and beauty packed with it, will go as high as $400 on release date. If that would be an immediate turn off then taking a look on the Moto X+1 is the next best course.

The basic unlocked model is not expected to breach the $350 mark and for that price buyers will open the door for an exciting and unadulterated Nexus experience that normally Google can only provide.

Plus the customisation option that according to CNET runs to 4000-plus different ways. Now that is Nexus with loads of personal options.

No long wait to bear?

True, Motorola has previously indicated that the Moto X+1 will hit store shelves starting on late summer 2014. But there could be a change of plan and the Moto maker could easily the X+1 launch time.

BGR has pointed to numerous Mot X deals that brings down its tag price to as low as $200. Such marketing techniques usually signal of inventory clearing that paves for the next product arrival.

Now could it be possible that the Moto X+1 release date will be earlier than expected - between June and July 2014 perhaps?

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