Forget Galaxy S5 – Galaxy S5 Prime Release Date Soon with 5.2-Inch Screen, 2K Display, Snapdragon 805 Chip, 3GB RAM & 15.8MP Rear Cam?

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 REUTERS/Albert Gea

The Galaxy S5 release date is definitely happening next week but Sammy and Android fans alike may just hold out and reserve their love for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, detail of which leaked out this week bearing the model number SM-G906S.

Assuming that SM-G906S is the rumoured GS5 Prime despite Samsung's earlier declaration that no such device will roll out from its production lines any time soon makes complete sense as the regular Galaxy S5 is also known for its model number SM-G900.

The sequential order points to a monster device that easily dwarfs over the already beastly and gorgeous regular GS5. According to CNET, benchmark info from GFXBench touted the G906S as a certified phablet with a hulking 5.2-inch screen.

From the GS5's 1080p display, the mysterious device is reportedly jaw-dropping with a 2K front panel that uses Quad HD rendering, thus flooding the screen with 2560 x 1440 or nearly double the number of pixels found on the original Galaxy S5 model.

Android Central also picked up the GFXBench leak and in an updated filing, the tech site appears convinced that Samsung is working (developing) on a very powerful Galaxy device that could prove as the better sibling of the GS5.

The beast is said to draw its power from a quad-core 64-bit Snapdragon 805 that clocks to a top speed of 2.5GHz. According to experts, the 805 chipset is by any measure far better than the Qualcomm 801 powerhouse that Samsung had stuffed into the regular GS5 build.

As a 64-bit device, the G906S will tap on a minimum 3GB of RAM or more and the graphic engine is likely the default Snapdragon 805 GPU partner, which is the Adreno 420 that will fire up the handset's humongous front panel real estate.

Dubbed as super-flagship by Android Central, the likely Galaxy S5 Prime is equipped with a 15.8MP main camera that is paired with 2MP front-facing shooter. The basic internal storage is 32GB with a memory expansion slot that mirrors the specification of the regular GS5.

Out of the box, Android KitKat 4.4.2, BGR said, will be the platform of choice for the 'Prime' suspect and not the imminently rolling out 4.4.3 build, which also suggests that actual unboxing of the SM-G906S could be real soon or right before Samsung's high-end Galaxy devices start chewing in the next KitKat flavour.

If indeed SM-G906S will become the Galaxy S5 Prime on release date, it is likely wrapped in a premium metallic casing as shown in early leaks of the supposed Prime prototype that went by the name Galaxy F.

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