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Forex Signals – EURUSD Bearish Cracks

Our rising support held just long enough last Friday to avoid triggering our short, so we stayed flat for the day. Price failed to sustain any break over 1.31 on our 4h charts. Combine that with the potential bearish Head and Shoulders forming on the 4h charts (with the head peaking just under 1.32) and some bearish cracks are beginning to form in the EU price action.

Apr 22, 2013 |

Forex Signals – EURUSD Back to the Fire

Negative day for us yesterday as EU and GU closed for losses. We have solid setups today and will look for multiple trades before the weekend. As a reminder we will close all trades before the weekend.

Apr 19, 2013 |

Forex Signals – EURUSD 2013 Bears to Continue

An overall profitable day for us yesterday as our AU short hit our TP for 80 pips while our USDCHF long was closed out for a 41 pip loss, for a net gain of 39 pips on the day. For EU, yesterday's bearish action has formed a major bearish engulfing on the daily charts, a possible bearish extinction candle, as well as a possible resumption of the 2013 downtrend.

Apr 18, 2013 |

Forex Signals – EURUSD Bullish Steam

Market volatility and aggressive S/R lines were responsible for our net loss yesterday, with volatility causing a few SL to be hit instead of the usual small losses we take on the false break alerts.

Apr 17, 2013 |

Forex Signals – EURUSD Bombing Puts Markets on Edge

EU price action dropped sharply yesterday, part of a broader bearish channel the pair has been in for the past few days. The bombing in the United States yesterday, if anything, could cause risk-aversion to increase and the USD to rise (meaning further losses for the EU).

Apr 16, 2013 |

Forex Signals – EURUSD More of the Same

With little on the fundamental calendar today, a steady April uptrend, and continuation patterns on several charts and timeframe we expect more of the same today - dollar weakness. Not that the markets always do what we expect, but that is why we have a trading system: so that we have control when the markets don't do what we expect.

By Roger Baettig | Apr 16, 2013 |

Forex Signals – EURUSD Bulls Push Back

Relatively slow day in the markets yesterday as prices largely consolidated. Our short in EU was triggered a few hours ago on the 1.3050 support break. That trade is currently open though it looks as though it will close as a false break in just a few minutes.

Apr 11, 2013 |

Forex Signals – EURUSD Room for a Bearish Correction

We booked more April profit yesterday on our EU and USDCHF trades - less than our 241 pip Friday - but profit is profit :). Our EU long was triggered on the 1.3013 resistance break yesterday and is currently sitting at 33 pips in the profit at the time of this writing, where we will close and book t...

Apr 09, 2013 |

Forex Signals – EURUSD New Features Coming!

Before we get to yesterday's results and today's setups, I want to let you know about some very exciting, MAJOR enhancements we will be rolling out in the coming month that will make following our trades easier than ever:

Apr 06, 2013 |

Forex Signals – EURUSD 1.2660 In Sight

It was a relatively quiet day in the markets on Friday with markets mostly consolidating sideways. USD has opened with strength after the weekend as traders continue to ride the Cyprus-fears that are still floating around the wires.

Apr 01, 2013 |

Forex Signals – USD Poised for Strength

We pieced together a profitable day yesterday, netting 71 pips across three different pairs. The markets have started to clearly trend with USD strength, rising significantly for the past 2 months. More importantly the USD index is showing a bullish continuation pattern, meaning more EU losses may be in store.

Mar 28, 2013 |

Forex Signals – EURUSD Dropping Like It’s Hot

Markets held still for most of yesterday... and then dropped like a rock in the past few hours. That dropping has been great for our AU, GU and Uchf all in the profit. Our EU short was early by about 12 hours - it got triggered yesterday on the 2845 support break, but unfortunately was closed out on...

By Roger Baettig | Mar 28, 2013 |

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