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FOREX Trading: EUR/JPY Drops into Structural Support; Trade the Range

My trading focus remains on the Euro crosses. Yesterday's commentary remains valid and new comments are in bold... "Eventual EURUSD targets extend to 13800-13900 and 14400 and risk (for longs) is the 1/10 low at 13038. Former resistance at 13270-13308 is now estimated support. In Friday...

By Jamie Saettele | Jan 16, 2013 | DailyFX

Yen Crosses Still Bullish and EURAUD Reversal Risk is High

EURJPY weakness is viewed as corrective. Former 4th wave support has been reached at 10251 but weakness into the 100% extension of the decline from the top at 10213, intraday pivot from 9/14 at 10197 and the 50% retracement of the 9949-10385 rally at 10167 would present an even better opportunity fr...

By Jamie Saettele | Sep 19, 2012 | DailyFX

Be Bearish Euro and Australian Dollars on Bounces for Next Week

Trades are structured with consideration to current wave structure in risk. For the next few days, I'm likely to be bearish on rallies. I favor shorts on rallies in the AUDUSD and AUDJPY into resistance.

By Jamie Saettele | Jun 09, 2012 | DailyFX

Forex - EUR/JPY Technical Analysis (Euro / Yen)

The pair EUR/JPY has validated a return above 106 and then made a pullback on this level as support. All indicators are still bearish. We continue to advise short positions as far as 107 is resistance. The breakout of 105.50 will give a new sell signal and open the way towards 105. In case of return above 107, we will wait the breakout of 108 to advise long positions.

Apr 12, 2012 | Forextribe

Autochartist - Daily Forex Update: EUR/JPY

EUR/JPY is moving inside the high Clarity Down Channel chart pattern identified by Autochartist on the daily charts. The overall Quality of this chart pattern is measured at the 5 bar level as a result of the low Initial Trend (rated at the 3 bar level), higher Uniformity (4 bars) and substantial Cl...

By Dima Chernovolov | Aug 17, 2011 | Autochartist

Japan and the delay to pre-tsunami production capability

Japan continues to struggle with hindered production capabilities which have become a serious issue in the recovering economy. The break in the supply chain that has had knock on effects all over the world, especially in the US, is a concern for business that have traditionally adhered to the '...

By Dean Wright, | Jun 27, 2011 | fxKnight

Currency Crosses: Technical Outlook

The EURGBP, much like the EURUSD, is at a crossroads. The decline from 8975 has unfolded in 5 waves, which ultimately favors the downside - resistance is 8800/50. A break below 8610 would shift focus to the trendline extended off of the 2010 and 2011 lows.

By Jamie Saettele | Jun 16, 2011 | DailyFX

Forex - EUR/JPY Technical Analysis (Euro / Yen)

The pair EUR/JPY continues to move on 115 without succeed to validate a breakout of this leve. All indicators are bearish. We maintain to trade only short positions as far as 116.50 is resistance. The breakout of 115 will give a new sell signal for a pursuit of the movement towards 114. However, in case of return above 116.50, we will wait the breakout of 117 to trade long positions.

May 13, 2011 | Forextribe

Forex Technical Update 3/12/2011 - A Look at the Japanese Yen Crosses

The Japanese Yen can become erratic after Friday's Earthquake in Honshu, Japan. The reaction so far has been a stronger Yen as we saw the USD/JPY plunge. The EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY also fell, but the market has not shown anything significant in terms of Japanese yen strength. The CAD/JPY for example could still be in an uptrend, and the AUD/JPY has already reversed almost all of the reaction.

By Fan Yang | Mar 13, 2011 | FX Times


Taking a step outside the markets, we at FXTimes want to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season, and a brilliant new year! During this time fo the year, the market is likely going to be in thin trading. Big moves can occur, but they may not carry as much weight as moves during heavy trading. Let's take a look at some upside and downside scenarios for the currency markets.

By Fan Yang | Dec 25, 2010 | FX Times

Euro rises on positive leaders; EUR/USD may fall to 1.326 before rebound to 1.3497

The Euro rose across the board on Friday helped by its leaders' positive response to creating a facility to safeguard its nations from debt issues like Ireland's, but a rating downgrade by Moody's on the troubled country dampened the sentiment, limiting gains by the single currency.

By Boby Michael | Dec 18, 2010 | IBTimes

Forex Technical Update 11/30/2010 - Risk Aversion Helps Japanese Yen Regain Some Glory

The euro continues to fall, but risk aversion was not only EU-related. Global risk aversion pushed up USD, CHF and JPY. EUR/JPY declined towards the lower half of its intermediate range. NZD/JPY dipped lower after an expanding pattern. And when you look at USD/JPY and CHF/JPY, you see that the Japanese Yen outperformed. Also, we are seeing gold and silver attempting to retest their previous highs.

By Fan Yang | Dec 01, 2010 | FX Times

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