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FOREX Technical Analysis: USDOLLAR Bears Thwarted on 3rd Attempt at Lows

FOREXAnalysis: "The USDOLLAR has spent the month trading sideways. With this in mind, it's possible that a triangle began in December. In that event, the December range would tighten for at least another week before the index breaks below 9917 probably tests 9866.

By Jamie Saettele | Dec 20, 2012 | DailyFX

FOREX Analysis: Australian Speculative Traders at Record Long Position

The COT Index is the difference between net speculative positioning and net commercial positioning measured. A light blue colored bar indicates that the difference in positioning is the greatest it has been in 52 weeks (bullish) with speculators selling and commercials buying.

By Jamie Saettele | Dec 11, 2012 | DailyFX

Weekly update- October 26, 2012

In the case study using the S&P E-mini, the options expired worthless today. That was a 6% return in less than one week.

By Mervin Mills | Oct 27, 2012 | RTT Quant

FOREX Technical Analysis: AUDJPY Reversal Gathers Pace

GBPUSD-has failed to extend gains from Thursday’s GDP print. I maintain that “the advance presents an opportunity to sell against the early month high of 16228.

By Jamie Saettele | Oct 27, 2012 | DailyFX

USD Searches For Support Ahead Of FOMC, JPY Benefits From BoJ Policy

The Dow Jones-FXCM U.S. Dollar Index (Ticker: USDollar) is 0.47 percent lower on the day after moving 110 percent of its average true range, and the pullback from 10,323 may gather pace in the coming days as the downward trending channel continues to take shape.

By David Song | Jun 16, 2012 | DailyFX

US Dollar Index Outlook

USD Index slightly Higher in quiet trading. 10-Yr: +02/32..1.876%.. USD-JPY: 79.92.. EUR- USD: 1.3053. The USD index has seen a quiet US session as action continues to hold small gains near 79.60. EUR-USD is -30 pips at 1.3055 as trade holds at critical support.

By Paul A. Ebeling, Jnr. | May 08, 2012 | LiveTradingNews

The Dollar and Manipulation Control the Market

Over the weekend I had an interesting conversation with a local trader. We typically meet a few times a year to share our market outlooks, new trading tools and techniques, and usually finish our session off in a debate about the US market manipulation and how to trade around it. Talking about market manipulation always opens up a can of worms and sparks some interesting theories.

By Chris Vermeulen | May 07, 2012 | TheGoldandOilGuy

What to Do with the USDCAD at 2012 Lows

April was choppy and difficult to navigate. May ideally ushers in better conditions. Continue to watch the Yen crosses, as many are near/at their 50% retracements from the February lows. The EUR, CAD, AUD, and USD are heavy on event risk this week.

By Jamie Saettele | May 01, 2012 | DailyFX

Risk Currencies on Verge of Collapse against US Dollar

EURUSD - I wrote Friday that "the end of week rally is probably a last gasp before reality sets in for the EURUSD." Today's action confirms as much. Look lower towards 12900 and channel support. Watch the channel closely as a drop below would be a 'tell' that the decline from 13379 is a 3rd wave rather than a C wave. 13160 is short term resistance.

By Jamie Saettele | Apr 24, 2012 | DailyFX

US Dollar Index Holding at 79.20

The US Dollar Index has floated along the 79.20 for the majority of the day Friday. The DXY came under selling pressure at the start of trade in Europe and continued to swoon until it hit 79.20. However the DXY has been able to hold that support level.

By Paul A. Ebeling, Jnr. | Apr 23, 2012 | LiveTradingNews

US Dollar Nears Short Term Trendline Support

The near term analysis for the US dollar is the exact opposite of the EURUSD. A triangle appears to be unfolding. The implications are bearish. Expect weakness to extend to short term trendline support near 74.00 before a rally attempt in wave E. Like the EURUSD, there is an alternate count that treats the triangle as complete. Near term resistance is 74.87 and 75.05.

By Jamie Saettele | Jul 01, 2011 | DailyFX

US Dollar Bullish Breakout around Corner?

The drop below 7496 may complete a flat correction. Risk on longs can now be moved to 7423 as a drop below there would leave the rally in 3 waves and indicate that the larger trend is probably still down. As long as price is above 7423, there is potential for an extended advance in a 3rd wave and eventual break above 7637.

By Jamie Saettele | Jun 17, 2011 | DailyFX

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