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FOREX Trading: USD/JPY Ending Year at Channel and Fibonacci Confluence

USDJPY - The long term USDJPY inverse head and shoulders breakout the week that ended 12/14 has led to immediate gains. The traditional measuring technique yields an objective of about 9362. Currently testing upward sloping channel resistance and the 100% extension of the rally from the record low (I'm interested to see how the week closes), this would be a good time for some consolidation.

By Jamie Saettele | Dec 29, 2012 | DailyFX

FOREX Analysis: Australian Speculative Traders at Record Long Position

The COT Index is the difference between net speculative positioning and net commercial positioning measured. A light blue colored bar indicates that the difference in positioning is the greatest it has been in 52 weeks (bullish) with speculators selling and commercials buying.

By Jamie Saettele | Dec 11, 2012 | DailyFX

Short Term Trade Setup in AUDNZD and S&P 500 Implications

EURUSD-bouncing from small 4th wave support (13086). Stronger support in the event of a dip from here come in at 13014/51.

By Jamie Saettele | Oct 19, 2012 | DailyFX

US Dollar Trend Followers Flip to Short after Decline

The COT Index is the difference between net speculative positioning and net commercial positioning measured.

By Jamie Saettele | Oct 09, 2012 | DailyFX

Rare Trading Setups Suggest Major Currency Moves in October

The AUDJPY is displaying the same pattern, potential head and shoulders tops, at 4 degrees of trend. Is the proliferation of these patterns a harbinger of things to come with respect to risk trends and volatility? Combined with a rare NZDUSD setup, October is shaping up to be an exciting month.

By Jamie Saettele | Oct 01, 2012 | DailyFX

Potential Near Term Path in Euro and Aussie

EURUSD 12740/50 and AUDUSD 10260/75 are of particular interest in the near term, not only as magnets that attract price but also as levels to expect a market response (bounce in this case).

By Jamie Saettele | Sep 27, 2012 | DailyFX

Global growth fears promote USD and JPY upside

After earlier upside momentum, demand for risk receded throughout the US session with global growth concerns once again a key stumbling block. Comments from non-voting Fed Philadelphia President Charles Plosser provided a decidedly negative spin on the Fed's latest stimulus efforts noting "...

By Chris Gore | Sep 26, 2012 | GoMarkets

Trade Setups in AUDUSD and USDJPY

The USDJPY drop lower last week probably completed a terminal thrust from a triangle. Support is now 7865 and a bullish bias is warranted against last night's low of 7816. Several days of congestion are probably underway in the AUDUSD aft.

By Jamie Saettele | Sep 18, 2012 | DailyFX

USDollar Takes a Beating as April Low Looms

The US Dollar is taking a beating this morning. USD weakness since Friday has been extraordinary....certainly an interesting market to return to after being away for over 2 weeks! The EURUSD and AUDUSD in particular are nearing interesting levels. The EURUSD has slightly exceeded the 5/21 high (1282...

By Jamie Saettele | Sep 12, 2012 | DailyFX

AUDUSD Rips into Well Defined Resistance

Despite being out of the office for nearly 3 weeks, I've stayed on top of AUDUSD and EURAUD developments (as much as one can when surrounded by the natural beauty of Hawaii). The lagging nature of the AUDUSD (new highs in stocks but not in AUD) is reminiscent of the previous topping process in ...

By Jamie Saettele | Sep 11, 2012 | DailyFX

Gold Traders Appear to have Priced in Additional QE

The following table includes the correlation between gold and the most popular currency pairs over various timeframes. A value close to +1 indicates a strong positive relationship between gold and the pair, while a value close to -1 indicates a strong negative relationship.

By Gary Kerdus | Aug 28, 2012 | DailyFX

AUDJPY Shorts in Play as USDJPY Struggles at Resistance

Keep an eye on the AUDJPY. As focused on last week, FX risk barometers are not confirming strength in equity risk barometers. A view at the separate components makes the case for a sharp decline in the cross as well. Former AUDUSD support is serving as resistance at 10475 and the USDJPY is reacting at the HUGE 7960 level. 7960 is defined by the 61.

By Jamie Saettele | Aug 21, 2012 | DailyFX

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