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New Zealand Dollar Interest Rates Report

Peripheral selling fizzles after suspected ECB purchases

U.S. and German yields erased declines to seven-month lows in trading symptomatic of any market mania worth its salt. The reversal came after European government debt traders grew suspicious that a tight-lipped ECB was busy buying Spanish and Italian paper days before an Italian auction that un...

By Andrew Wilkinson | Jul 13, 2011 | Interactive Brokers

Treasuries break out of their long-term range

After remaining in a tight range between December and January US Treasury yields have broken out to the upside and are currently trading at 3.68%, as you can see in the chart below. Friday's shock improvement to the US unemployment rate was the catalyst for the break out in yields.

By Kathleen Brooks | Feb 07, 2011 |

IB FX Brief Dollar in a bind

The dollar is sure to one day snapback against the current death spiral it finds itself in. A Fitch Ratings boost to this year's GDP forecast for both the U.K. and the Eurozone has accentuated the disparate growth rates across the Atlantic divide.

By Andrew Wilkinson | Oct 02, 2010 | Interactive Brokers

Daily Foreign Exchange Market Summary

The US dollar gained modestly after mixed economic data deterred risk appetite. Data from the University of Michigan's preliminary September reading on consumer sentiment came in at 66.6, the weakest level in more than a year due to distress over jobs and finances intensifying amongst upper-income families. The Labor Department reported seasonally adjusted Consumer Price Index rose 0.

Sep 18, 2010 | Union Bank of California

Morning Forex Review

In overnight news, the New Zeland dollar came under pressure as the central bank left interest rates unchanged and signaled a dovish stance about the future course to come. The yen remained bid against the greenback as Japanese officials reiterated their determination to take decisive steps in curbing the yen's strength.

Sep 16, 2010 | GFT Forex

Daily Foreign Exchange Market Summary

The US dollar fell against most major currencies with the exception of the Japanese yen after upbeat data from China and Australia boosted risk appetite. China's manufacturing sector had a moderate rebound in August after slowing for several months which helped soothe worries over the health of the global economy.

Sep 02, 2010 | Union Bank of California

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