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Chinese Yuan Interest Rates Report

Rates Outlook: China Aid A$ Reversal

Despite neutral to weaker risk trends across key sentiment barometers overnight, the Aussie, Kiwi and sterling led a charge higher against the greenback, leaving the Euro and CAD trailing behind.

By Chris Gore | Oct 25, 2012 | GoMarkets

Australian Dollar Outlook - 02/20/2012

Bell FX Currency Outlook: The Australian dollar has risen this morning to the high 1.0700's after China's weekend move to yet again lower the reserve requirements it imposes on its banks.

By Christine Gaylican | Feb 20, 2012 | IBTimes AU

China, Inflation, and Currency Reserve Management

After the S&P downgrade, the U.S. debt ceiling debate, and the reemerging troubles that threaten to disband the EU, these currencies (and the various bodies that deal in currency monetary reserves) stand to also be profoundly impacted by China’s implementation of inflation controls.

By James Brown, IBTRADE | Sep 13, 2011 | PFG Best

Research Note: China hikes interest rates

As if Eurozone concerns were not enough, China "surprised" the markets and hiked interest rates this morning. The 25bp hike will come into effect tomorrow. The impact on the markets was obvious enough: the Aussie fell and risk appetite was dampened, while the dollar took another lurch higher.

By Kathleen Brooks | Jul 06, 2011 |

China to Raise rates

Mainland Chinese shares were mixed after a report showed a further slowing in manufacturing in June. The news suggesting the economy was cooling alleviated concerns over fresh monetary tightening measures to combat inflation that had dampened market sentiment for months.

By Shayne Heffernan | Jul 04, 2011 | LiveTradingNews

FOREX: Dollar Stumbles as Equities Rally after China Rate Hold and Moody’s Fading Forecast, FOMC Up Next

The Dollar Index dove Monday to end a trend of five consistent daily advances through last week – the best trend for the currency since a similar-length run through August 24th.

By John Kicklighter, Currency Strategist | Dec 15, 2010 | DailyFX

Q3 Chinese Growth Sluggish

Asian equities were trading in the red this morning as data from China hinted at some sluggish growth during the third quarter. Real GDP increased to 9.6% (v 9.5% exp / 10.3% prev), CPI increased to 3.6% which was in line with expectations, but higher than the previous reading at 3. YoY retail sales increased to 18.8% act (v 18.5% exp / 18.4% prev) while PPI increased to 4.3% act (v 4.1% exp / 4.

Oct 22, 2010 | Advanced Currency Markets SA

China rate hike seen calming, not cooling, commodities

China's interest rate hike on Wednesday could signal a period of slower, steadier growth for commodities prices, as the central bank tightens just enough -- but not too much.

Oct 21, 2010 | Reuters

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