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EURUSD surges on a flip-flopping Bernanke

The calm after the storm. There was a wild ride for markets overnight, EURUSD traded in a 400 pip range in the last 24 hours, while gold surged $40 on the back of Fed minutes. The size of these moves highlights how sensitive the markets are to central bank communication, particularly Federal Reserve commentary.

By Kathleen Brooks | Jul 11 |

Australian Dollar Outlook - 29 April 2013

Bell FX, Rivkin Securities, IG Markets Currency Outlook: There was a slight weakening of risk-related assets over the weekend with the lower-than-expected turnout of U.S. GDP. The AUD opened this morning below the 1.0300 level banking on hopes that the ECB rate decision will provide the boost during this week's trading.

By Christine Gaylican | Apr 29 | IBTimes AU

Australian Dollar Outlook - 11 February 2013

Bell FX Currency Outlook: The recent negative tone of the Australian Dollar was lifted after better than expected trade data from Germany, the US and China pushed the currency above 1.0300.

By Christine Gaylican | Feb 11, 2013 | IBTimes AU

Dow To 14,000 … and Beyond?

If you’ve been a hibernating bear lately, you’ve missed a ton of positive news, as U.S. construction spending rose, ISM manufacturing data beat expectations and the country added 157,000 jobs.

By Frank Holmes | Feb 06, 2013 | U.S. Global Investors Inc.

Fundamental Update: How to digest confusing economic signals from the US

No one saw that coming. The 0.1% decline in Q4 2012 GDP in the US was much worse than the 1.1% expansion the market had expected, added to that it came hot on the heels of yesterday's consumer confidence disappointment, which dropped to its lowest level in more than a year.

By Kathleen Brooks | Jan 31, 2013 |

Australian Dollar Outlook - 25 January 2013

Bell FX Currency Outlook: Australian dollar softens despite positive Chinese data.

By Christine Gaylican | Jan 25, 2013 | IBTimes AU

Australian Dollar Outlook - 21 January 2013

Bell FX Currency Outlook: The Australian Dollar has weakened slightly in Friday's night trade and opens up this morning around the 1.0500 level.

By Christine Gaylican | Jan 21, 2013 | IBTimes AU

Australian Dollar Outlook - 14 January 2013

Bell FX Currency Outlook: The Australian Dollar opens today's trading in the mid 1.0500's recovering from a relatively quiet session Friday night.

By Christine Gaylican | Jan 14, 2013 | IBTimes AU

Australian Dollar Outlook - 07 January 2013

Bell FX Currency Outlook: The Australian Dollar briefly touched below 1.0400 on Friday night but recovered as the US non-farm payrolls for December met expectations.

By Christine Gaylican | Jan 07, 2013 | IBTimes AU

Australian Dollar Outlook - 03 January 2013

Bell FX Currency Outlook: Australian Dollar peaks at a 2-week high as the United States avoids a fiscal cliff. The local unit traded back above 1.0500 against the Greenback in overnight trade as US Congress approved a bill rolling back a package of tax hikes and spending cuts that had threatened to push America back into recession.

By Christine Gaylican | Jan 03, 2013 | IBTimes AU

Lear Capital: The Cliff, the Crash and Gold

We are all too familiar with Goldfinger, the Academy Award-winning James Bond flick that was all about an insidious effort to control the world supply of gold and its value.

By David Engstrom | Dec 04, 2012 | Lear Capital

Debt Crisis Solutions are Leaving Investors Behind

How the losses are being paid for... IT USED TO BE taken for granted that you could put aside some money and earn enough interest to be better off than when you started.

By Ben Traynor | Nov 22, 2012 | BullionVault

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