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Swiss Franc Fundamental View

SNB Chariman Jordan to Speak; USD/CHF at 2-Month High, EUR/CHF Rests At the 1.20 Floor

The chairman of the Swiss Nation Bank (SNB), Thomas Jordan will speak in Zurich. The market will monitor his language for interest rate clues as well as gauging the strength of EUR/CHF's 1.20 Floor.

By Fan Yank | May 14, 2012 | FX Times

USD/CHF Monthly Fundamental Forecast March 2012

Revisions to the fourth-quarter GDP figures confirmed the original estimate, the US economy advanced at the fastest pace in six quarters. Over 90% of the advance was accounted for by inventory rebuilding and stronger motor vehicle sales, as supply chain disruptions of the Tohoku earthquake dissipated.

Mar 04, 2012 | FXEmpire

Hildebrand Resigns, Will EUR/CHF Be Tested

An interesting development for the Swiss Franc today is the resignation of the Swiss National Bank Chairman Philipp Hildebrand. This is interesting because just last week he wouldn't step down as a result of accusations that him and his wife benefited from currency trades - selling the Swiss franc prior to the S&P's intervention in foreign exchange markets.

By Nick Nasad | Jan 10, 2012 | FX Times

An FXTimes Review of 2011 - Key Events and Themes

In Part 1 of today's webinar we will be reviewing the key stories that were important to financial markets in 2011 (Japan earthquake, Libya war, US losing its AAA credit rating, changes of government in Italy and Greece, and the escalation of the Euro-zone sovereign debt crisis), In part 2 we p...

By Nick Nasad | Dec 28, 2011 | FX Times

Preview: 3 Options for SNB at its Interest Rate Decision

Release: SNB Interest Rate Decision Current Rate: <0.25% Date/Time: 12/15/11 at 3:30AM ET (08:30 GMT)

By Nick Nasad | Dec 15, 2011 | FX Times

US Dollar-Gold Correlations Strengthen as Recovery Stalls

The following table includes the correlation between gold and the most popular currency pairs over various timeframes. A value close to +1 indicates a strong positive relationship between gold and the pair, while a value close to -1 indicates a strong negative relationship.

Sep 05, 2011 | DailyFX

The battle of the ugliest

The western world is mired in debt and on the cusp of recession, but US Treasuries are rallying (yields falling to record lows) and even the euro - the epicentre of the current financial market problems - is holding up fairly well. There may be an imminent banking crisis in the Eurozone, but that isn't being reflected in EURUSD right now.

By Kathleen Brooks | Aug 19, 2011 |

SNB steps back from bold action for now

The Swiss National Bank today announced another raft of measures to try and dampen pressure on its currency. This included: 1. Boosting liquidity to CHF200bn from CHF 120bn - essentially flooding the markets with Swissie 2. To continue re-purchasing outstanding SNB bills (more QE) 3. Using FX swaps to directly weaken the Swissie.

By Kathleen Brooks | Aug 17, 2011 |

Swissie tries to shake its safe haven status

Don't be fooled. The markets may be higher today, but there is just as much "risk" out there as there was last week. Stocks have followed on from Friday's rally. Eurostoxx are still booming from the news about the ban on short-selling financial stocks that came into play on Friday, the Dax is higher by nearly 2 per cent and the FTSE 100 is up nearly 1 per cent.

By Kathleen Brooks | Aug 15, 2011 |

Are we back in 2008?

That's what it felt like yesterday and today during the Asia session. The markets' sell off was brutal with investors dumping anything perceived as risky and instead flocking to dollar-based liquidity. Even gold fell as some investors had to sell high quality assets to fund margin calls elsewhere. It must have been a long 24 hours in Tokyo and Switzerland.

By Kathleen Brooks | Aug 05, 2011 |

USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD Currency Wars are Back

Governments around the world are taking action as the USD remains in free-fall. Central banks are now taking direct action to rebalance their currency against the softest USD in History.

By Shayne Heffernan | Aug 04, 2011 | LiveTradingNews

Eye of the Storm? Markets Calm on Data, SNB Moves, Expectations of QE by BOJ

In yesterday's session we saw risk aversion dominating on the back of weaker global growth concerns as well as the renewed uncertainty in the Euro-zone sovereign debt situation. The catalysts were weak manufacturing data from China, the US and UK, as well as surging yields in Italy and Spain.

By Nick Nasad | Aug 03, 2011 | FX Times

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