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World Drunk with Cash

Markets around the world over react to The Fed stimulus plans ignoring slowing growth, high unemployment and the possible inflationary effects of a new round of free money. The U.S. budget deficit rose $191-B in August to $1.164-T.

By Shayne Heffernan | Sep 14, 2012 | Listverse

The Week Ahead: Week of 9th September 2012

Is more QE on the way?- Is the ECB's big bazooka enough to save the Eurozone? - Conventional vs. Unconventional - the ECB vs. the Riksbank - Event risk in Europe next week - Can the UK's labour market continue to surprise on the upside? - RBNZ to hold.

By Kathleen Brooks | Sep 08, 2012 |

USD/JPY Japan Yen Preview

Japan's economy suffered a 0.7% contraction last year after a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami shocked the country. Also, the IMF said while a controversial increase in Japan's consumption tax will be an important first step in demonstrating a commitment to fiscal overhaul, it won...

By Shayne Heffernan | Aug 06, 2012 | LiveTradingNews

Preview: Taking Advantage of BOJ Easing – Targeting GBP/JPY & CAD/JPY

Release: JPN Bank of Japan Rate Decision Consensus Forecast: <0.10% Previous: <0.10%

By Nick Nasad | Apr 27, 2012 | FX Times

The Anatomy of Sovereign Default

The three primary factors that determine the interest rate level a nation must pay to service its debt in the long term are; the currency, inflation and credit risks of holding the sovereign debt. All three of those factors are very closely interrelated.

By Michael Pento | Apr 17, 2012 | Michael Pento

JPY – Unwind of Carry Trade to Boost JPY as Equities, Copper Slide Sharply

The return of European traders to their desks following a 4-day holiday weekend was an unpleasant one, as equities sold off sharply throughout the Europe, extending a sense of risk aversion started in Asia and then continued in the US.

By Nick Nasad | Apr 11, 2012 | FX Times

USD/JPY Monthly Fundamental Forecast March 2012

The first few months of 2012 have been marked by a risk rally, where equities and commodities have been strong and the US dollar (USD) has weakened materially. The foundation for this was laid by G4 central bank policy that has succeeded in decreasing much of the tail risk than hung over markets in 2011.

Mar 04, 2012 | FXEmpire

Australian Dollar Outlook - 02/28/2012

Bell FX Currency Outlook: The AUD is stronger this morning, currently trading around USD1.0750 after looking markedly weaker during our local trading session yesterday.

By Christine Gaylican | Feb 28, 2012 | IBTimes AU

3 Key Factors for Sentiment and JPY Crosses – G-20, Oil, Manufacturing Data

As we work through the first full trading session of this week we see a strong move towards risk aversion, especially evident in Japanese yen pairs. Therefore, we want to ask the question what is driving current sentiment as well as what to look out for that may further expand or reverse the "risk off" start to this week's trading.

By Nick Nasad | Feb 28, 2012 | FX Times

Australian Dollar Outlook - 02/15/2012

Bell FX Currency Outlook: The Australian dollar traded in a choppy fashion overnight, in sync with its European counterpart, after yesterday's sovereign ratings downgrades by Moodys.

By Christine Gaylican | Feb 15, 2012 | IBTimes AU

02.10.12 - IBTimes/FXTimes - Week in Review - While the currency market continues to await resolution of the Greek situation, it was still an eventful week with a surprise hold in rates by the RBA, more QE from the BOE, the latest interest rate decision and press conference from ECB President Draghi, and testimony in front of Congress from Bernanke.

By Nick Nasad | Feb 11, 2012 | FX Times

USD and JPY Gain on Poor US Macro Data - Manufacturing, Housing, Consumers

The mix of fundamental data from the US was not encouraging. The macro data pointed to continued falling house prices, a less robust increase in activity from the Chicago PMI, as well as less confident consumers. All 3 reports came in below expectations, and coincided with some negative headlines out of Europe in regards to the completion of Greek debt negotiations.

By Nick Nasad | Feb 01, 2012 | FX Times

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