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EUR/USD Forecast

EUR/USD Trading in a Triangle

EUR/USD is in a large consolidation between 1.2744 (2013-low) the 1. It is in the bottom half of that consolidation, below 1.30, forming a triangle. The 4H RSI stuck between 40 and 60 reflects consolidation momentum. A break to tag 30 or 70 should reflect new directional momentum.

By Fan Yang | May 30, 2013 | FX Times

EUR/USD Trading Above 1.32 Ahead of key Event Risks

Breakout: The EUR/USD continues to rally and is trading above 1.32 by the start of the 5/1 US session. The 4H chart shows the RSI pushing above 70, which indicates near-term overbought condition, but is also a reflection of short to medium term bullish momentum to accompany the higher high in price that suggests continuation of a bullish trend that began in April.

By Fan Yang | May 02, 2013 | FX Times

Dollar watch: Greenback struggles without yield support

With Europe out on holiday today the focus in on the US. The dollar has been fairly quiet so far this morning after yesterday's sharp selloff, but the longer term outlook still looks fairly bleak as investors have once again got the taste to ditch the dollar.

By Kathleen Brooks | May 01, 2013 |

EURUSD: Still Faces Upside Threats Despite Price Hesitation

The pair continues to maintain its upside bias triggered from the 1.2744 level though hesitating. As long as it continues to trade and hold above the 1.2955 level, further upside offensive is expected towards the 1.3201 level. Further out, resistance resides at the 1.3250 level where a break will call for a run at the 1.3300 level. Above here will create scope for more upside towards the 1.

By Mohammed Isah | Apr 30, 2013 | FX Tech Strategy

EUR/USD Trading at 50% Retracement

50% Retracement: The EUR/USD failed to rally above 1.31 falling from 1.3083 during the Asian-European session to 1.2972, tagging the 50% retracement (of the 1.2744-1. In the 4H chart, it also tagged the 200-4H SMA. While these two levels are not necessarily support, they represent mean price action. With the 200-SMA being flat, mean price action could also be assessed as "neutral" price.

By Fan Yang | Apr 23, 2013 | FX Times

GBP/USD – Head and Shoulders, Double Bottom, Rising Channel

Head and shoulders: 4/17 price action completed a head and shoulders seen in the 1H and 4H chart. However, another interpretation of the price action is a completed ABC correction. The 1H chart shows cable after the 3-wave correction completed the "H&S" pattern and consolidated in the neckline area.

By Fan Yang | Apr 18, 2013 | FX Times

EUR/USD in Bullish Continuation from Consolidation Breakout

Consolidation breakout: The EUR/USD has been consolidating since last week, since finding resistance at 1.3137. It was a relatively small consolidation finding support as low as 1.3021, where it held above the 200-hour SMA, reflecting bullish bias. As we get into the 4/16 US session, we are seeing a strong bullish push out of the current consolidation pattern, attempting to break above the 1.

By Fan Yang | Apr 16, 2013 | FX Times

EUR/USD in the Middle of its Consolidation, Awaiting Break for Direction

Consolidation: The EUR/USD has been consolidating since last week, after breaking above 1.31 to find resistance at 1.3137. It has found support around the 1.3035-50 area. There might be a slight bearish inclination, but direction could be assessed - flat.

By Fan Yang | Apr 16, 2013 | FX Times

EUR/USD – Expect some Near-term Resistance Around 1.3160

Bullish continuation: After a brief pause at the 38.2% retracement level during the 4/10 session, the EUR/USD extended to a new high for April during the 4/11 session. This developing bullish trend from the 1.2744 low has been intact, with the 4H chart showing higher highs and higher lows throughout the swing.

By Fan Yang | Apr 11, 2013 | FX Times

EUR/USD Holds Above 1.30 with Bullish Momentum

1.30: Price action for EUR/USD during the 4/8 session was more or less sideways when it held under 1.3040. But it also found support around the 1.30 handle. Then, during the 3/9 session, it popped up to a new high for the month, above 1.3050. It came back down during the European session. As we get into the 3/9 US session it holds above 1.30, and is trying to climb back up above 1.3050.

By Fan Yang | Apr 09, 2013 | FX Times

EUR/USD – Technical Levels and Outlook (4/8/2013)

Bottom, breakout: The EUR/USD has put in a price bottom, and rallied to break above a falling trendline going back to the 2013-high of 1.3710 set in February. In the 4H chart the EUR/USD is breaking the 200SMA, and pushing the RSI to 70. It is still the initial swing in a bullish correction or reversal scenario. It is the strongest upswing since falling from 1.3710.

By Fan Yang | Apr 08, 2013 | FX Times

EUR/USD Technical Analysis (Euro / US Dollar)

The pair EUR/USD has continued its bearish movement yesterday with a bearish rally and has validated downward breaks of 1.2850 and 1. By extension, the price found support on 1.2750 and tests this morning a pullback on 1.28.

Mar 28, 2013 | Forextribe

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