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Forex Strategy Outlook: US Dollar To See Strong Volatility

An intensely volatile week of forex trading pushed the US Dollar to fresh lows, but a likewise sharp reversal has meant that markets have effectively moved sideways through the past week of trade. Such challenging conditions meant that our benchmark trading strategies as well as our DailyFX+ trading...

By David Rodriguez | Nov 09, 2010 | DailyFX

Swing Trading Applied to Commodities (Trading Education)

Swing trading is typically defined as a trading practice whereby the underlying instrument is bought or sold at or near the end of an up or down price swing caused by daily or weekly price volatility. A swing trade position is typically open longer than a day, but shorter than trend-following trades or buy-and-hold investment strategies.

By Matthew Bradbard | Oct 24, 2010 | MBWealth

A Non-directional Trading System (Forex Education)

GBPJPY Results DIFFICULT MARKETS PRODUCE FINE RESULTS “A trader acts in a discretionary manner if he uses his own judgment and feels compelled by a special situation to intervene in the clearly defined operations of a trading system. The discretionary part is understood to be part of a trading system that cannot be back-tested.

By amustapha | Oct 16, 2010 | Fx Instructor

Clarifying Your Issues (Part 2)

MORE QUESTIONS ANSWERED “Simplicity in your trading systems is one of the keys to making money.” – Dr. Van Tharp Hello: Here are more intriguing questions from my potential and existing subscribers, with detailed answers. These questions are in the mind of certain traders and the answers to them are supposed to help traders greatly.

By amustapha | Oct 16, 2010 | Fx Instructor

How To Develop A Winning Forex Strategy (Forex Education)

We all know the industry legend that 95% of traders lose money. As a new trader, that means you have less than a 5% chance of succeeding in this business. Of course, these statistics are not necessarily cemented via scientific statistical research, but be assured that the probability of success as a professional trader is not high.

Oct 08, 2010 | InnerFX

A Proper Trend Trading (Forex Education)

“Think how calm you could be, knowing that your risk is always the same.” – Van. K. Tharp Hello: You don’t need complicated strategies to make money on the markets. What you eventually need are logically simple, stupid but effective trading systems.

By amustapha | Sep 27, 2010 | Fx Instructor

Forex Trading Strategy with the Elliott Wave Oscillator, Juice and Moving Averages (Forex Education)

Which indicators do you need? 1. Exponential Moving Average EMA (200), applied to a close, the color blue. 2. Exponential Moving Average EMA (50), applied to a close, the color red. 3. Oscillator Elliott Wave Oscillator. 4. Indicator of the level of Juice 0.0004.

By Roger Baettig | Sep 11, 2010 | IBTimes

Manual Trading Versus Automated Trading Part 2 (Forex Education)

SYSTEM TRADING IS NO BETTER THAN THE TRADER “Having worked on developing automated trading products in the past, I know from experience that robots do not work long term.” – Kathy Lien Hello: I said in the Part 1 of this topic that automated trading has come to stay.

By amustapha | Sep 10, 2010 | Fx Instructor

Devin Sage X-Sequentials : Successfull Forecasts and Trading Part 2 (Forex Education)

This article outlines the rules of the three basic X-Sequnetials patterns. As mentioned in the first article there are three basic patterns : X-Sequentials X5 pattern , X-Sequentials X7 pattern , X-Sequentials X4 pattern.

By Devin Sage | Sep 08, 2010 | TXA

Forex Pivot Trading Tips (Forex Education)

Whenever the currency pair is reaching up for the top resistance level, you most probably should sell the pair and place a stop right above the resistance level. Whenever the currency pair is reaching down the lower support lever, you most probably should buy the pair and place a stop right below the support level.

By Roger Baettig | Sep 07, 2010 | IBTimes

The Least Important Factor In Trading Success (Forex Education)

“The point is psychology actually determines our success or failure as a trader. I still believe that trading is 85% psychological, 10% risk management and 5% strategy. If you are just starting out in trading, keep this in mind.

By amustapha | Sep 06, 2010 | Fx Instructor

My Trading Strategy for midnight (Forex Education)

This is a trading strategy which is a kind of Breakout strategy. You don't need any indicators, just the daily chart in you trading platform. This system is based on the fact that most of the time you won't find same size candles for 2 consecutive days on a daily chart.

By Roger Baettig | Sep 03, 2010 | IBTimes

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