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Hi-Yo Silver, Away

Last week silver was the focus of incredible price swings which left many licking their wounds and shaking their heads at the trading losses they had incurred. This sell off was likely triggered by the increase in margin requirements for futures contracts, but the stunning price decline extended to all vehicles like exchange traded funds use to trade the glimmering metal.

By J.W Jones | May 15, 2011 | Options Trading Signals

Raghee Horner's April Webinar Series: Part 1- The Entry

Learn specific trend following criteria for GRaB and 34EMA studies. How Raghee defines each EA will confirm what an entry will be.

By Raghee Horner | Apr 21, 2011 | IBTimes

The Fastest Way To Become A Successful Trader

“Of course it’s even better for you to have professional support, i.e. a mentor who’s by your side ready to advise you and ideally monitor your risk management.” – Will de Lucy Hello: Some traders are taught how to trade and get rich, whereas some are taught how to keep their accounts safe permanen...

By amustapha | Apr 17, 2011 | Fx Instructor

BACK TO BASICS: Trading in the New Economy

In an effort to keep traders informed, Interbank FX is announcing a new educator to our database. Brian Kahn, who focuses on inter-market relationships, will be presenting bi-monthly webinars, focusing on: 1. Breaking down YOU as a trader 2. Understanding trader and market psychology 3. Determining account and trade risk 4. Exploring short and long term trading opportunities in various markets.

Apr 07, 2011 | IBTimes

Effective Gap Trading in Forex

MASTERING THE TRICKY HOLES “Chance only favors prepared minds”. – Louis Pasteur Hello: Peter Soodt, Scott Andrews and Eric Waddell are skillful gap traders; though in other types of the financial markets. One thing the human brain can do – in addition to myriads of awesome achievements made by it ...

By amustapha | Apr 03, 2011 | Fx Instructor

Introduction to Spread Betting - How to Guide - City Index

Learn more about spread betting with our eight-minute animated guide - Features of spread betting - How to place trades - Understanding leverage

Feb 21, 2011 | IBTimes

Avoid fundamental influences in your trading

Are you a beginner trader? Are your winning trades sometimes suddenly stopped out and you didn't know why? Perhaps it was because some economic indicators were published. Perhaps there was an ECB press conference.

By Roger Baettig | Feb 09, 2011 | IBTimes

How To Trade Forex

The Forex Trading Strategies that you use does not have to be a holy grail, and there isn't one. The strategy merely needs to produce consistent profits that are enough for living and you don't necessarily have to produce 10 or 20 pips everyday to be successful.

By Roger Baettig | Jan 27, 2011 | IBTimes

Learn a Swing Trading Strategy for Beginner Trader

Support and Resistance Lines are levels you can use for long term and short term trading. A Support level means that when the prices are falling (downtrend), they often bounce back at a certain key level on the chart. On the chart it looks like the prices go down to the Support and swing back.

By Roger Baettig | Jan 20, 2011 | IBTimes

How I became a successful Trader

When I began trading, I didn't know anything about the markets or about any kind of trading strategies. In the very beginning I was just trading free Signals from IBTimesFX; but I found out after some time past that I don't like their style of trading. I needed to learn that Trading is something very individual. You cannot trade the style of another person with success.

By Roger Baettig | Jan 06, 2011 | IBTimes

Using a great Trading Tool with FXCM: DailyFX+

DailyFX+ is basically nothing else than an access to all information of the FXCM Trading Team. You can easily log in with the username and password from your live account.

By Roger Baettig | Nov 27, 2010 | IBTimes

Trading With Odds in Your Favor (Forex Education)

Quite often people try to pick the bottom or the top of a trend but usually they fail to do that. And these are situations in which the odds of being right are actually against you. The chances of being right in your trading decisions increase if you stick with the major(prevailing) trend on the market.

By Alexander Nikolov | Nov 11, 2010 | TrendRecognition

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