Forever Young: Celebrities Who Never Seem To Age [PHOTOS]


It is every celebrity's wish to maintain his or her youthful looks so as to last longer in the industry. It is natural that when a celebrity ages, so does the opportunities and the light of their fame slowly goes out.

However, some stars just won't easily fade out due to their baby face looks. You would find some of them not seeming to age at all even after ten years have passed.

Here we feature those stars that still remain at their best looks as if they have never lost their own fountain of youth.

Salma Hayek in her forties can show off all her beautiful assets like she was in her late twenties. She never loses her touch of sensuality simply by her curves and ageless face.

Calista Flockhart probably became more inspired when she got together with Harrison Ford. Even after 12 years, her face still looks the same despite some rumours that it could be with the help of some cosmetic surgeons.

With 'No Doubt' front gal Gwen Stefani, the only thing that has changed is her fashion styles to stay on top of trends. At her 40s as well, the rock singer looks stunning as ever and has not shown any signs of aging.

Alexis Bledel who became popular in the 'Gilmore Girls' series look like a complete teenager still even when she is soon to reach her 30s. Her face looks so angelic that she might still be questioned if she'd buy lottery tickets.

This goes the same for Elijah Wood who has always looked young even when he was actually still young. When he was 13, he looked 8. And since 2001 up to the present times, the young actor looks extremely young, as if he is one boy next door.

Jennifer Connelly became everyone's crush way back in the 80s for 'Labyrinth.' The 90s came and she just hanged around in movies looking as pretty as ever. And even if she have had her own babies already, the actress has not changed one bit.

Check out the slideshow for more celebrities who never seem to age!


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