Foreign Workers in Canada More ‘Dependable’ Than Native Employees, Business Owners Claim

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After McDonald's outlets were blacklisted in Canada for violating the Temporary Foreign Worker programme, it has been argued that Canadian workers have worse work ethics than their foreign counterparts.

Canadian Federation of Independent Business President Dan Kelly told CBC News that Canadian companies were more interested in hiring foreign workers because they have better work ethics. He said that he had received numerous emails where business owners claimed that their foreign workers were the "most productive" ones in the company. Foreign workers are said to produce "high quality work" as they possess "terrific customer service skills". He said that foreign workers were more "reliable" than Canadian employees.

McDonald's is under federal investigation for violating the Temporary Foreign Worker programme. The company is accused of hiring several Filipino workers in British Columbia while ignoring some of the highly qualifies Canadian candidates. Some of the Canadian jobseekers even have university degrees and experience in the relevant field. Still, they are apparently "ignored," while foreign workers are employed.

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Mr Kelly, meanwhile, refused to comment on the case involving McDonald's violating the foreign worker policy. On the other hand, he continued to emphasise how much foreign workers are appreciated by company owners. Foreign workers happen to be extremely hard working and flexible. They happily work on any shift given to them, early morning or late night.

Mr Kelly gave an example which indicated that Canadian workers would take leave for reasons such as taking the dog to the doctor. Foreign workers, on the contrary, do not disappear in the middle of the week and work for the entire week without taking a break. Even though it costs higher to hire a foreign worker, Mr Kelly thinks that companies have started believing that they are worth the extra cost. Company owners apparently find foreign workers much more "dependable" than the native workforce, which was sad but true; Mr Kelly said.

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