Forbes Global 2000: Biggest Drug Companies of 2014; Pfizer Tops List

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A comprehensive research has revealed that there is no evidence to prove the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines or cure of different ailments. In Photo: Global 2000 has come out with its list of top 2000 companies of which many pharmaceuticals are part of. Reuters

The Forbes Global 2000, which ranks annually the top 2,000 public companies in the world, has come out with their 2014 list, topped by Pfizer. Many drug companies have been a part of this list and in this news story, we are going to be looking at the top 10 drug companies mentioned in the list. Most of these companies, in order to retain their top spot in the industry, have merged with each other, creating a bond that will help achieve great heights. 

Number 1: Pfizer- G2000 rank 45

Pfizer, headquartered in New York, is a multinational pharmaceutical corporation. Groton, Connecticut is its research headquarters. In terms of revenues, it is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.  Pfizer's most sold medicines and vaccines include drug Lipitor used to lower cholesterol, Lyrica used for fibromyalgua, Diflucan, an antifungal medication, Zithromax, an antibiotic and Viagra, used for erectile dysfunction.

Latest news on Pfizer: Pfizer has signed a contract with a French biotech company Cellectis, to develop cancer drugs that will hold the body's immune system to fight cancer cells. 

Number 2: Novartis- G2000 rank 54

Novartis, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is a multinational pharmaceutical company whose ranking based on sales is number one worldwide in the year 2013. Novartis produces Clozarilm Voltaren, Tegretol, Diovan, Glivec, Neoral, Femara, Ritalin and Lamisil.

Latest news on Novartis: A lawsuit that Novartis took up against Alvogen was tossed out by the Delaware fedaral judge on 24 June, stating that there was no infringement on Novartis's patents by Alvogen.

Number 3: Sanofi- G2000 rank 87

Sanofi, headquartered in France, is a multinational pharmaceutical company and based on prescription sales is the world's fifth-largest. Sanofi manufactures medications like Auvi Q for emergency treatment of allergic reactions, Aubagio for multiple sclerosis, Plavix for atherothrombosis, Clexane for thrombosis, Kynamro for homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia and approved for hypertension.

Latest news on Sanofi: The stocks of Sanofi have repeated a "neutral" rating in a report by Zacks.

Number 4: Roche Holding- G2000 rank 90

F. Haffmann, headquartered at Switzerland, is a global health care-company that has two divisions, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. 

Its major drugs include Accutane for acne vulgaris, Aurorix for depression, Actemra for rheumatoid arthrritis, Boniva for osteopososis, Cellcept for transplant rejection and Dilatrend for hypertension.

Latest news on Roche:  An Investigational New Drug application has been submitted by Roche to the FDA to begin Phase II of a clinical trial of Erivedge for patients suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

    Number 5: Merck and Co.- G2000 rank 99

    Merck and Co., headquartered in Whitehouse station, New Jersey, is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

    Latest news on Merck and Co.: Bionomics, an Australian biotech, has the backing of Merck and Co. for its progression in finding a cure for Alzheimer's.

    Number 6: GlaxoSmithKline- G2000 rank 116

    GlaxoSmithKline, headquartered in Brentford, London, is a multinational pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines and consumer health company and is the world's sixth-largest pharmaceutical company, as of 2014. Its most selling products include Advair, Adovart, Flovent, Augmentin, Lovaza and Lamictal.

    Latest news on GlaxoSmithKline: The FDA has asked GlaxoSmithKline to look into its manufacturing practices and look into the subsidiaries and practices of employees in manufacturing flu vaccines.

    Number 7: Amgen- G2000 rank 170

    Amgen, headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, is a multinational biopharmaceutical company and is the world's largest independent biotechnology firm. Its largest selling products include Neulasta for preventing infections in patients undergoing chemotherapy, Enbrel for rheumatoid arthritis, Epogen, Vectibix and XGEVA. 

    Latest news on Amgen: Two former Amgen directors, Dr William Go and Jeff Aycock, are appointed by Kite Pharma as seniors in their research team.

    Number 8: AstraZeneca- G2000 rank 183

    AstraZeneca, headquartered in London, is a multinational pharmaceutical and biologics company and based on its prescription sales, in 2012, was the world's seventh largest pharmaceutical company. The company manufactures products like EMLA, Diprivan, Betaloc, Atacanf, Tenorectic, Xyloproct, Naropin and Lexxel.

    Latest news on AstraZeneca: Market regulator, SEBI, delists AstraZeneca for violations of its regulations on fraudulent and unfair trade processes in Mumbai.

    Number 9: Eli Lilly and Co.- G2000 rank 219

    Eli Lilly and Company, headquartered in Indianapolis, is a global pharmaceutical company and has offices in 17 countries. The company's biggest selling products include Iletin, Amytal, Methiolate, Prozac and Ceclor.

    Latest news on Eli Lilly and Co.: CEO of Eli Lilly and Co. John Lechleiter anticipates more advances in the medical industry to fight against cancer.

    Number 10: Abbott Laboratories- G2000 rank 299

    Abbott Laboratories, headquartered in Illinois, is a pharmaceuticals and health care products company. Its major products are Humira for arthritis, Norvir for HIV, Depakote, an anticonvulsant and Synthroid for thyroid.

    Latest news on Abbott Laboratories: Russia-based pharmaceutical manufacturer Veropharm to be bought by Abbott Labs for about $395 million-$495 million.

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