Food Finger Condoms Turns A Huge Hit In Korea

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McDonald's product is pictured in a restaurant in Washington, July 23, 2010.
McDonald's product is pictured in a restaurant in Washington, July 23, 2010. REUTERS/MOLLY RILEY/FILES

Food finger condoms would be the oddest invention you could think of in recent times.  Fondly called the "Finger Nap," these sanitary gloves made of plastic resemble like finger condoms and these are used to eat oily food stuff like hamburgers, donuts or pizza. Keep the fingers clean of the grease and the sugary syrup and keep those manicured finger nails in top shape. Some of the diners would find these plastic finger condoms a great idea to get over their irresistible habit of licking the fingers too or as a handy option that would let them answer their cell phone even when they are eating sticky food stuffs.

A distant cousin of Trongs in America, Finger Naps in Korea is thought to be a great help for the kids and the elderly. While Trongs is a gripping tool that is useful for eating finger food such as buffalo wings without getting the fingers messy, the plastic finger condoms are simply worn over the gripping fingers. Some Korean restaurants even have Finger Nap dispensaries, which make them as common as napkins.

Though it is not still clear on how the food finger condoms could be introduced into the American dining scene, these eco-friendly plastic protectors may help to save a lot of napkins by keeping your fingers clean and grease proof.

Korea might have come up with a weird yet extremely useful for those who need to eat greasy and sticky food stuffs with their hands. More countries like Japan and China could follow the suit in the coming days, considering the overwhelming popularity of finger nap. It is a great option to eat food without making your fingers messy and when there is no wash facility around. It would be a good option for those who often find in elbow-deep in grease, sauce or sugar to ensure dining etiquette and to eat smartly without being messy.

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