'The Following' Season 2 Spoilers: Watch Episode 7 as Shawn Ashmore's Mike Gets Darker in 'Sacrifice' [Promo Video feat. Lily Grey]

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"The Following" Season 2 spoilers hint the viewers will see an even darker Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) in Episode 7, titled "Sacrifice." Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) and Lily Grey (Connie Nielsen) are in separate camps now. But divided, they are still in an active quest to put Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) through hell. In an interview, Ashmore hinted something huge will happen to Mike.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on The Following Season 2, Episode 7. This mid-season instalment airs on March 3 on FOX. Read at your own risk.

"Despite what Mike has gone through, in prior seasons and episodes, the last moments of (Episode 7) will push him to the edge," Ashmore told Zap2it.com. The brilliant actor added it is difficult for Mike not to drown in darkness when he's surrounded by the twins Luke and Mark (Sam Underwood) and Lily.

In The Following Season 2, Episode 6 ("Fly Away"), Mike could have killed Luke if Max (Jessica Stroup) had not been around. All the trauma of the first season and the terrible realization that Joe Carroll is alive are rising to the surface and eating the nice guy up. Ashmore warned, viewers have not seen anything yet as of last week.'

Mike Weston may be "on the edge." But Connie Nielsen's Lily is in an entirely different circle of hell, especially now that she thinks her beloved son Luke is dead. In The Following Season 2, Episode 7, Lily kidnaps Max.

As for Emma (Valorie Curry), the last time viewers saw her, she's in a car with Joe and Mandy (Tiffany Boone). Episode 7 shows where they were headed. But this destination is not exactly Joe's controlled space. Their lives will be in danger, says this spoiler report by Zap2it.

Watch this FOX promo video on YouTube (The Following Season 2 Spoilers)

The Following Season 2, Episode 7 ("Sacrifice") is expected to be a lot bigger than each of the previous episodes of this FOX series. This is definitely a must-watch episode for the fans. Spoilers and teasers there is a very serious upgrade in this very special mid-season show.

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