‘The Following’ Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Sacrifice’ Spoilers/Preview: New Danger Targets Max [VIDEO]

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The Episode 7 of "The Following" is titled "Sacrifice." In this episode, Ryan will work with the FBI to nab Joe and Lily. The synopsis of the new episode suggests that Max's life will be in danger, as Lily is seeking revenge for the death of her children.

In the previous episode of "The Following," "Fly Away," Lily saw Mike shooting her son Luke, and believes that he is dead. Also, Joe, Mandy and Emma had escaped, and Joe offered no words to console Lily who was mourning her loss.    

The preview of the episode indicates that Lily will find Joe, Mandy and Emma at their new hiding compound. In the preview, Lily can be seen telling Joe that "in here, you're the follower."  Also, Lily seems to be warning Ryan that there are many more surprises up for him, which is likely to include targeting Ryan's only family, Max.


The preview clip also provides a glimpse of Agent Gina Mendez accusing Ryan of putting people that he cares about in danger. In the previous episode, Mike believed that FBI is compromised and his and Max's actions were unauthorised. Mendez had said to Ryan that he is responsible for ruining the careers of Max and Mike.

The episode might also reveal the identity of the mole in the FBI. In "Fly Away," someone had tipped-off Joe, helping him escape before the FBI team came looking for him. It will be interesting to see Joe's next move and how he manages to escape Lily's clutches. Also, Ryan will have to stop Lily from harming Max. In the preview, Lily can be seen saying, "you take from him, I take from you." It looks like Max has been kidnapped.        

Official Synopsis of "The Following" Season 2 Episode 7 "Sacrifice": "While Ryan continues working with the FBI to find Joe and Lily, a new danger targets Max. Meanwhile, Joe, Emma, and Mandy arrive at the compound."   

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