'The Following' Season 2, Episode 4 Spoilers: Connie Nielsen Thrilled by the Shades of Lily Gray [Watch Episode Clip]

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"The Following" Season 2, Episode 4, titled "Family Affair," shows the first subtle face-off between Connie Nielsen's Lily Gray and Valorie Curry's Emma Hill. Meanwhile, Nielsen said in an interview that Lily is such "a delicious character to play." Below is an episode clip featuring Lily and Emma.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on The Following Season 2, Episode 4, Family Affair. This episode's original air date is Feb. 10 (Tuesday) on FOX.

There are a lot of creepy women in The Following 2x04. But no one seems to be a match for Lily Gray. Even Emma Hill might not be able to take her down, and it seems she'd have to try, eventually.

The Following Season 2: Talk about Lily Gray, Ms Nielsen

"[Lily Gray is] definitely not what she seems. I'm not a diagnoser but I would put her firmly in the psychopathic spectrum," Connie Nielsen told The Hollywood Reporter. The lovely actress pointed out why she is thrilled to be playing this twisty messed up character.

"[Psychopaths] are so good at being more charming, more affecting -- you end up feeling more sorry for them even as they're victimizing you," Nielsen added.

As for Lily's adoptive sons Luke and Mark (both played by Sam Underwood), the relationship is "Oedipal," said Nielsen.

The Following Season 2, Episode 4 Spoilers: What Family Affairs?

"Family Affair" is an appropriate title for The Following 2x04. It's Max (Jessica Stroup) and Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) on one side. They have FBI Agent Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) with them, except he doesn't believe Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) is still alive. Then again, Max says she's "sceptical," too.

It's Lily Gray and her adoptive children on another side. Joe Carroll, Mandy, and Emma are quite a social unit, as well. They're all in one cult, but you'll never know when they'd be killing each other. Indeed, there are crazy families in The Following.

Also in The Following Season 2, Episode 4, Joe Carroll is truly back in the game. He and his new protégé, Mandy Lang (Tiffany Boone), are now with Emma and the Joe cult fanatics. Things are about to get even more messed up now that that group's in one "scenic" mansion.

Some questions at the end of the episode: Will Giselle (Camille De Pazzis) get Max killed on the train? Is Agent Gina Mendez (Valerie Cruz) even remotely aware that she's involved with a Joe Carroll follower named Jana Murphy (Leslie Bibb)? And of course, what happens next to Emma Hill and Lily Gray?

Watch Lily Gray and Emma Hill in a foxy exchange in this FOX clip on YouTube:

The Following Season 2 airs Tuesdays on FOX. The next episode, "Reflection," airs on Feb. 17.

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