‘The Following’ Episode 8 ‘The Messenger’ Recap: Time to Tell the World Joe is Alive [SPOILERS]

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Emma wants to get out of the Corbin cult sanctuary, while Joe sees an opportunity there. He thinks that he can own the place. Micah introduces Joe, Emma and Mandy as the new members of his cult and takes-off their masks.

Meanwhile, Ryan Hardy gets FBI's top boss authorisation to dig-out information on Joe, as he is one of those who believes he is still alive. The boss also gives him a hard-drive containing some vital information.

At the funeral of Mike's father, Ryan bluntly tells Carrie, a journalist who is seeking information on Joe for her book, to go to hell and he has nothing to tell her about Joe. Ryan also does not tell Mike about the hard-drive, as he is mourning the loss of his father and Joe and Lily's cases have become personal for him, as well. Later, Ryan and Max go through the hard-drive content, and the photos of Dr Strauss, mentor of Joe, pops-up again. He had told Ryan that he has no contact with Ryan after he passed out. The new evidence indicates that Dr Strauss must have treated an injured Joe.

Julia takes Joe to Micah, telling him that her husband might own the place but she is the one who runs things. Micah asks her to leave, as he wants to discuss things in private. He turns out to be a little fan of Micah, and seeks his advice on how to kill people. He wants to become famous like Joe, and wants Joe to write his book. Micah sees Joe as his friend who can guide him to kill people to save souls.

Ryan knocks at the doors of Dr Strauss. The latter agrees to give him 5 minutes of his time.  However, he again denies any knowledge of Joe after he had left school. Before leaving, Ryan plants a bug in the living room of the doctor. After Ryan leaves, Carrie visits Dr Strauss, with her pointed questions. This puts her life in danger. Ryan is still lurking around the doctor's house, hoping to hear a phone-talk between Dr Strauss and Joe. However, he hears Carrie's voice. Sensing danger to Gary's life, Ryan enters the doctor's house. He is soon knocked-out by one of Dr Strauss' pupils.

Later, Dr Strauss reveals to Ryan, who has been strapped in a chair, that, he is the one who taught how to neatly pluck out the eyes of victim. He was Joe's mentor in the true sense. His new pupil is set to operate on Carrie. Max and Mike arrive right on time to stop the killing of Carrie. Dr Strauss is put on the same operating table, and Mike hits his fingers to make him disclose Joe's whereabouts. Dr Strauss insists that he does not know where his former-pupil is, but reveals that Joe made a call to a woman who has links to FBI. He, however, does not know the name of the woman.

Micah puts to death the disbelievers in his cult, including Mandy's new crush. Julia correctly guesses that it is Joe who is responsible for that. Micah is completely under the influence of Joe, as he wants to become famous and believes that Joe will help him in that. He asks his men to take away his wife. Later, Emma wants to know from Joe, how he influences people and what his next move is. Joe tells her that he wants the world to know that Joe is alive.  

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