Floyd Mayweather's First Selfie on ‘Shots of Me’ App, An Application Funded by None Other Than Justin Bieber

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes his first-ever selfie using the "Shots of Me" application.

"My first selfie, Staples courtside with @theharlemhotboy," wrote Mayweather. Click here to see the pic.


"Shots of Me" is a new application that is solely designed for taking and sharing selfies. It is available for download on Apple's App Store. According to the Daily Mail UK, this app is created by RockLive, which is partly funded by teen heartthrob and Mayweather's BFF Justin Bieber. The app does not allow comments to be posted, which is what mainly attracted Bieber.  The Canadian singer contributed most of the money needed to build the app. It has been reported that approximately $1.1 million dollars were used to create the new photo-sharing software.

The unlikely friendship that was developed between Mayweather and Bieber is definitely real and genuine. They have been spotted hanging out together numerous times. Bieber has remained supportive of Mayweather's fights and even walked the undefeated boxer to the ring a number of times.

Now that Bieber has partnered with "Shots of Me" app, who among his friends do you think would endorse the product better than Mayweather?

After posting his first-ever selfie, Mayweather later on posted the "Shots of Me" app icon on Instagram. "Everyone on #TheMoneyTeam is taking selfies right now with the new app SHOTS OF ME, find us there now," wrote Mayweather.

Without a doubt, Mayweather, who is always active on social networking Web sites, can convince millions of his followers to try the app. Currently, he has over more than 2 million followers on Instagram and over 4.5 million on Twitter.

Mayweather is currently relaxing and enjoying his time off the boxing ring. He is also busy writing his book. It seems that at present time, the last thing that he would worry about is his next fight.


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