Floyd Mayweather Shows Three Bugatti Cars on Instagram, Buys Rolls-Royce Ghost for Girlfriend

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Floyd Mayweather posted a video of his thousand-horsepower Bugatti cars in three different colours on Instagram after recently buying his rumoured girlfriend a Rolls-Royce Ghost as a birthday gift.

The American boxer posted a video clip on Instagram, where he filmed all three of his Bugatti cars and hashtagged three of his friends - one of them, his ex-masseur and rumoured girlfriend, Doralie Medina.

Considering Floyd Mayweather's obsession with his rides, showing off his million-dollar hypercars does not come as a surprise anymore. This third Bugatti that he bought less than three months ago is the Grand Sport Limited Edition, which costs around $3 million dollars. As crazy as the actual price tag, this 1,000 horsepower monster is an open-top version packed with a 16-cylinder and 8-litre engine that will make your heart start pumping to its limit once you step on that acceleration pedal.

Just recently, the five-division world champ Floyd Mayweather just bought his rumoured girlfriend a customised Rolls-Royce Ghost, which with his net worth of $280 million, there is no question that he can afford such expensive gifts.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is not the only expensive gift the American boxer got his girlfriend. In fact, previous reports claim that the couple went for a shopping spree prior to the BET Awards Festivity and spent $70 000 at Manhattan's Saks Fifth Avenue for jewellery and handbags.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather is once again meeting Marcos Maidana for another match on September 13, as such; the champ appears to fish for positive attitude for the match. Although the Argentinian lost in their previous match, it appears that the American boxer is nervous and looking for a bit of encouragement.

But then again, it could just be a part of the celebrity drill. Even so, it is pretty interesting to see how these sportsmen act.

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