Floyd Mayweather Next Fight: Amir Khan Goes Toe-to-Toe With Andre Ward, Alfredo Angulo in Sparring, Briton Says He’ Developed Strong Chin

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Great Britain's top welterweight Amir Khan is currently leading over Argentine slugger Marcos Maidana in the pool conducted by Mayweather Promotions to determine the next opponent of Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 3 at MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Khan, former two-time Jr. Welterweight Champion, is viewed as a fine boxer with tremendous speed in both hands and footwork. However, many boxing analysts criticized Khan because of his lack of punching power along with his vulnerable chin.

Despite boasting a pretty solid professional boxing record (28 wins with 20 KOs), Khan is considered by pundits as nothing but a pretender. His losses against Columbian slugger Breidis Prescott in the first round of their fight in 2008 along with his fourth round TKO defeat at the hands of light welterweight kingpin Danny Garcia are signs that he doesn't possess the chin to withstand punched from elite-level fighters.

Khan could have landed the bout with Mayweather several months ago, but boxing fans seemed not happy to see Money May fighting a less credible fighter than the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Tim Bradley Maidana and Garcia.

On the other hand, there are several boxing writers and trainers who believed Khan has the capacity to beat Mayweather because of his hand speed and well-rounded boxing skills. One of them is Khan's former trainer Freddie Roach, who stressed that the Briton might have a shot at beating Mayweather.

"That's not an easy fight. I've always said Amir has the right style to beat Floyd if he fights correctly and doesn't stay in the pocket too long," Roach told Ringside Toe 2 Toe Podcast via ESPN. "I always thought he could beat him with his speed. I think he's faster than Mayweather and that's what it takes to beat him. Floyd might have his hands full on the night."

Crimson Chin?

In his latest tweet on Facebook, Khan boasted that he's going to be a tough opponent for Mayweather Jr., especially now that he has developed a strong chin. The Briton said he engaged in 10 rounds of sparring against heavy punchers like Alfredo Angulo and Andre Ward, who campaigns in the middleweight and light heavyweight division.

"Another example Angulo and Ward have hit me with big shots and I've stood in front and not gone down. They carry 25 lbs over me and are big punchers. This is because I'm at my natural weight. It's in the fans hands who they want to see me fight."

If this is true, then Khan might perhaps give Mayweather some scare on May 3rd.  Stay tuned boxing fans. 

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