Floyd Mayweather Jr. Revives Duel With Manny Pacquiao; Big Surprise for May 2015

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. has never failed to spark intrigues in and outside the ring, confirming his rematch with Marcos Maidana on September 13 and hinting a big surprise for his May 2015 fight.

The 37-year old Mayweather took the BET Awards by storm with his brand new Buggati car, but the controversial boxer even raised more brows during an interview with Laten Media's Kristin Clark.

The reigning WBC Welterweight and Light Middleweight champion confirmed that he will take on Argentine slugger Marcos Maidana for the second time this year, after his flawed majority decision win against the same fighter last May 3.

"September 13th back to business, Marcos Maidana-Floyd Mayweather part II," said Mayweather, who is looking to preserve his immaculate boxing record with 46 wins (26 KOs).

Moreover, the Grand Rapids-native dropped the biggest bomb of them all when he teased everybody in the boxing world with a big surprise he's going to announce for his 2015 debut.

Mayweather, who always makes his first ring appearance of the year in May, told everyone to stay tune for that announcement because it's going to be pretty big.

"And then in May, I am fighting in May. I have a big surprise for you all. Everybody, tune in," the boxer added.

What's the Big Surprise?

Of course, Mayweather has the history of being playful and getting things exaggerated in interviews. However, the 'Big Surprise' tease has really piqued the interest of every boxing fans salivating for that dream fight.

Manny Pacquiao, considered by many as the second best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, appears to be that big surprise Mayweather is talking about for his next year's Cinco de Mayo event. After all, there's no bigger fight to make out there than the Pacman-Money May showdown.

Boxing promoter and UAE Royalty Amir Shafipour recently provided update about his ambition to stage the Fight of the Century in Dubai in 2015. In an interview with Gulf News, the Arab prince said that he already hooked in with an influential boxing patron in the United States to serve as a middleman in the negotiation between Pacquiao's and Mayweather's camp.

"I will honestly and truthfully tell you that if anyone can convince them to fight, and to fight in Dubai, I can," Shafipur said. "I have a lot of worldwide connections, with managers, promoters, fighters, people in the business, who speak the same language that Mayweather and Pacquiao are speaking. You have to be on the same page as them and only then will you get their attention."

"I am currently working with a major boxing promoter in the USA, who is connected to both the Pacquiao and Mayweather camps, and who has the capacity to help me pull this off. It's not a boast, it's a commitment."

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Revived Hope for Megafight

Mayweather's latest tease should be taken with a grain of salt. Then again, the interests the potential fight generates are certainly too massive for boxing fans to resist. A rematch fight with Miguel Cotto or a slugfest with Danny Garcia is not shabby at all, but there's nothing boxing fans bother to tune in than an announcement of the end of a long wait for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao for the title as the undisputed no.1 pound-for-pound fighter of the world.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr's interview at BET Awards

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