Floyd Mayweather 'Jealous' After Ex-Girlfriend Shantel Jackson Gets Intimate With Nelly

By @Ze_Charm on

Floyd Mayweather has recently been embroiled in countless controversies. The famous boxer has definitely set the record high once more when he revealed his shocking revelation about his girlfriend Shantel Jackson and the reason for their breakup on social media.

According to Mayweather, Jackson actually terminated her pregnancy with Mayweather's twins, causing the boxer to end their relationship. But various sources said the shocking revelation must have sprung from something else like jealousy.

Mayweather was believed "heartbroken" after his old lady love was reportedly getting it on with good pal Nelly.

A close source to the boxer told a Web site that the convtroversial welterweight felt betrayed after finding out that his ex girlfriend Jackson was getting it on with his friend prompting the shocking social media revelation.

"The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I'm totally against killing babies. She killed out twin babie," the welterweight wrote on his Facebook and Instagram along with a the necessary medical paperwork and snapshot of an ultrasound.

It seemed Mayweather is not ready to move on from his model girlfriend. Previously, the famous boxer gave his then-fiancee Jackson a $10 million diamond ring when he proposed to her in 2013. Sadly, their relationship has lasted only for 4 years together before the acrimonious public revelation made by Mayweather in the past week.

Meanwhile, the American boxer has been racheting up more support and publicity due to an unikely fan that has been seen close to the welterweight.

Earlier, the "Beaut and a Beat" singer Justin Bieber took to Instagram his admiration for the boxer when he posted a video of himself getting his nails pampered alongside Mayweather. Bieber has also generated much publiciy for the boxer by attending the match of his favorite boxer in WBC welterweight championship defense against Marcos Maidana Saturday night.

Bieber took Kylie Jenner and Yvonne Ventura to the game, causing a public stir after fans reacted to it. Selena Gomez, the on-and-off girlfriend of the Canadian crooner, is yet to comment on the Mayweather date of Jenner and Bieber.

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