Floyd Mayweather Isn’t a Cherry Picker; ‘I Have Earned the Right to Choose Who I Fight,’ Says Undefeated Boxer

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Floyd Mayweather
Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr smiles as he greets fans and amateur boxers during a visit to conduct training clinics in Soweto [Reuters/SIPHIWE SIBEKO] Reuters

Some people claim that Floyd Mayweather is a cherry picker because he has never gone into a fight where there is a good chance for him to be beaten. However, Mayweather has fought some really hard-hitting fights too, like the ones against Oscar Dela Hoya, and Jose Luis Castillo, among several others. According to Mayweather, he deserves to choose whoever opponent he wants to face and no one can has the right to instruct him who to fight and what to do. In the end, it is still his decision that matters.

"After 18 years, I've earned the right to pick and choose who I fight, and if you don't like it, don't watch," said Mayweather at a news conference in held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on March 8 via Yahoo Sports. "Nobody is forcing you to watch," he added.

Nick Hagan of Boxing News 24 wrote an article, detailing how the undefeated boxer can be called a cherry picker. Hagan said that Mayweather seems to be relaxed in choosing opponents who lack the ability to hurt him. He further explained how Mayweather makes use of his boxing skills only to flat-footed boxers, where they are supposed to be an advantage of, especially with his last six fights against Marquez, Ortiz, Cotto, Guerrero and Alvarez, excluding Mosley.

"As a result of this, Mayweather has given many of us the illusion that he is unbeatable," wrote Hagan.  

Even after Mayweather revealed his decision to fight Marcos Maidana on May 3, Amir Khan slammed him of being a cherry picker too. "If you look at his last three fights, all of them are slow, with no footwork, one-dimensional fighters," Khan told The National via Boxing Scene.  "He cherry picks them, to make himself look good," Khan added.

There is no doubt that Mayweather is one of the great names to have ever graced the boxing industry, but can he really claim the honour of being the best pound-for-pound boxer? Maybe Mayweather should show the world that he can really fight tough opponents too, like Sergio Martinez or perhaps, Manny Pacquiao.

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