Floyd Mayweather: “I Am Boxing,” Explains in Detail Why He Chose Marcos Maidana

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Floyd Mayweather
Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr greets fans and amateur boxers during a visit to conduct training clinics in Soweto Reuters

Floyd Mayweather explained why he decided to face Marcos Maidana instead of Amir Khan on his next fight. By now, everyone knows that Maidana will get an opportunity to fight the undefeated Mayweather and Khan will just have to scout and look for other fishes in the ocean as far as the British boxer's next fight is concerned.

Speaking to Fight Hype's Ben Thompson on March 3, Mayweather said that he was very impressed with the Argentian's performance recently, which is one of the reasons why he opted for him. According to Mayweather, who just celebrated his 37th birthday on Feb 24, even though Khan had a win against Maidana, he said that Khan wasn't boxing at his normal levels of physical ability. Mayweather said, "He (Khan) was fatigued in the fight and he was in a life and death fight." The five-division world champion stated that Khan got off to a flying start, but he wasn't impressed at all with how he finished the fight. For Mayweather, how you start is important, but ultimately, it is still how you finish that counts.

"I wasn't impressed with how he finished, but Amir Khan, I can't take nothing away from him, you know, he done whatever he had to do to try to make the Floyd Mayweather fight even if it took about lying having a contract with me to persuade the fans to try to persuade me to tell me to take the fight," said Mayweather.

Mayweather also explained why he started the poll asking fans to vote for his next opponent. "I keep trying to tell people, that, and it's not bragging or boasting, I am boxing," he said.

"I play the waiting game."

"You have to wait and see if your lottery ticket will be picked or if you got the right lottery number."

Mayweather said that Khan may have won his poll, but at the end of the day, it is still his decision that matters.

"So my decision is to go with the guy that is world champion, the guy that's been very very impressive in 2013."

As for his preparations for the upcoming clash with Maidana, Mayweather said that he will be working hard to try to be at his topmost condition. He said that Maidan is a fighter whom he cannot afford to disregard and ignore.

"Maidana will bring his best, Maidana is coming to win on May 3 so we'll just see how everything plays out," were Mayweather's final words.

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