Floyd Mayweather Gets Dumped by Fiancée Shantel Jackson

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Floyd Mayweather
Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr smiles as he greets fans and amateur boxers during a visit to conduct training clinics in Soweto [Reuters/SIPHIWE SIBEKO] Reuters

Floyd Mayweather has reportedly been dumped by his fiancée Shantel Jackson several months ago. There are rumours circling around that Shantel has decided to end her relationship with Floyd because she can no longer deal with his unfaithfulness.

According to MediaTakeOut.com, Shantel wants Floyd to be 100% faithful to her but the undefeated fighter isn't willing to do so. "Floyd wants to be allowed multiple side chicks," the gossip Web site reported.

The Web site further reported that Floyd was even offered to marry the model without asking her to sign any pre-nuptial agreements, if she would approve his infidelity in their relationship. However, Shantel declined the offer.

Floyd is one of the richest athletes in the current generation. If he marries Shantel without a pre-nup, she would be giving her half of his assets when their marriage ends. Shantel could walk away a rich single lady. However, Shantel is not easily blinded by money. Her love for Floyd weighs more than a ton of his wealth and she is willing to take him back, only if he gets rid of his cheating vices.

A couple of days after the Web site reported the news, Floyd was seen at a Lakers game with other girls which has just fueled the rumour that the two are really on a brief break-up at the moment.

A fan asked Shantel why she wasn't there with Floyd and this was what she had to say, "He's busy with sit fillers."

"Funny when a person tries to top you," she added.

Floyd, who appeared on the cover of Sister 2 Sister Magazine explained his side on being faithful to a woman and staying monogamous in a relationship. He said that Shantel is his fiancée and he will always be there for her no matter what. He went on that the two of them sometimes have the usual disagreements that every couple experiences. Floyd explained that even if he was pictured with different girls, it doesn't mean that he was going out with them or worse, sleeping with them.

"I'm happy with one woman," he said.

Being faithful is not always easy. Hopefully, they can find ways to work their relationship out.

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