Floyd Mayweather Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Files Lawsuit Against Him For Domestic Violence

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1.	Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Mayweather, who loves to brag about his riches on social media, is named the highest-paid athlete in the world. Even without endorsements, the unbeaten boxer managed to earn as much as $105 million. He is the only athlete, besides Tiger Woods, to hit the $100 million bracket. Mayweather’s revenue from his bouts against Canelo Alvarez amounting to $200 million and Marcos Maidana (with a guaranteed $32 million purse in May) was enough for him to secure the first place on the list. Reuters/Las Vegas Sun

Floyd Mayweather's ex-fiancée, Shantel Jackson, claims that she was a victim of domestic abuse and reportedly files lawsuit against the undefeated fighter. Jackson is suing Mayweather over incidents of domestic abuse when they were still together.

TMZ Sports obtained exclusive information from the lawsuit that Jackson has filed against Mayweather. She asserts that the first instance of abuse occurred in 2012. It was around the time when Mayweather was released from prison after serving three months in jail. Mayweather has previously pleaded guilty to a charge of misdemeanour battery domestic violence.

According to Jackson's statements, she and Mayweather were having an argument when he twisted her arm and choked her before snatching her phone to look through it. Jackson said Mayweather got physical with her for the second time in April 2013. She said that Mayweather twisted her arm again and forcefully held her. She added that the undefeated boxer even pointed a gun on her toes. He even commanded her to take off their engagement ring at gunpoint.

Jackson said that there was another incident of abuse that happened in his flat at the Ritz in Los Angeles, California in February 2014. The former couple reportedly parted ways in late 2013. In the February incident, Jackson said that Mayweather gripped her arm, pulled her inside and prevented her from leaving the place.

Jackson's lawsuit involves charges for assault, battery, defamation, harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy among others. Jackson states that Mayweather attacked her privacy when he posted a picture of her ultrasound report.

TMZ Sports tried to reach out to Mayweather for comment, but the boxer's camp remained silent on the issue.

In 2011, Mayweather has pleaded guilty to the charges that his former girlfriend and mother of his two children, Josie Harris, filed against him. Harris' lawsuit explained how Mayweather pulled her hair, punched her and twisted her arm in front of their kids in 2010. He was sentenced 90 days jail time. He began serving his jail time in June 2012. He was released on Aug. 3, 2013.


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