Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Ordered Kidnapping and Beating of Employees Suspected of Jewellery Theft

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Floyd Mayweather is reportedly involved in the savage attack of two of his employees whom he believes have stolen his jewellery.

According to TMZ Sports, the two men were hired to work on the undefeated boxer’s home in Las Vegas when the jewellery went missing. Floyd thought that they were the culprit.

Sources told the gossip site that the men were contacted and instructed to meet Floyd in an off-site location several weeks ago. And when they arrived, Floyd was waiting for them. He then had his “people” beat them with various weapons, including clubs.

Both men ended up with broken arms and legs after the brutal attack. They were hospitalised for days, with one source saying that they suffered from “some ‘Breaking Bad’ s***.’”

The men denied taking the valuables, but Floyd only realised that they were saying the truth a little too late.

And now the alleged victims have lawyered up, intending to sue Floyd for attempted murder, mayhem, and kidnapping.

Mayweather isn’t new to lawsuits. In 2011, he was charged with domestic violence for allegedly beating up his ex-girlfriend. He pled guilty to misdemeanour battery after a deal with prosecutors to drop the felony battery charge. He also had past domestic violence charges in 2002 and 2005.

In 2010, one of his bodyguards was arrested for shooting a man after the boxer confronted him. In separate and unrelated incidents, he was also charged with felony theft, coercions, and robbery charges.

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